Why the US Legal System is a JOKE

Ok, sure, we all know that the laws and the people who make them are corrupt, but do you know what it is in my opinion that totally takes the cake? The part of the corruption that has every man, woman, and child old enough to watch over their shoulder for police on a daily basis?

When you go to court, be it for a traffic ticket, possession of whatever, or any number of things, theoretically you are going to get a fair and balanced decision from whatever judge hears the case. Judges are supposed to remove themselves if a case somehow brings up a conflict of interest, such as being related to the defendant or somehow involved in the case outside of the courtroom. Well, I can prove to you right here and now that this is 100% not the case. Not most of the time, not in certain cases, but every single case heard by every single judge every single day there is a judge who by all rights should hold himself in contempt for remaining in that seat. Here’s why-

A Big Ol’ Fat Ass Paycheck

Every single time someone in that court room gets to pay court costs, that courthouse and that Judge make money. Every single guilty verdict is a PAID INCENTIVE! So every single case heard, the Judge has a personal interest in calling you guilty. I’ve sat in the courtroom for a ticket many times, and even the people they drop charges on the Judge remembers to say “Dismissed with court costs” so they STILL have to pay! Isn’t that technically the same as a judge taking a bribe to make a decision the way you want?

I was also surprised to see this little tidbit, for each set of court costs, the officer who charged you gets $5. So basically, that cops salary not being enough, they get $5 a pop if they can catch someone doing something slightly out of the way. Is that what is meant by “protect and serve”? Now, does that encourage a cop to be a good citizen, doing what he can to help others, protect the rights of civilians in their district, and maintain law and order? NO! It encourages police to stalk innocent people like prey, looking for the slightest infraction. Let me ask you this- How many times, not including times you’ve been pulled over, have you ever accidentally swerved, or accidentally gone a little too fast, or accidentally forgot to turn on your blinkers? We’re human, we make mistakes here and there. Cops are paid to catch those mistakes while ignoring other offenses going on ALL THE TIME because those would take more effort.

I mean seriously, every single person reading this knows at least one place, building, street, parking lot, etc. where illegal things are happening all the time. Those bad neighborhoods that people generally try to stay away from. Those “whore strolls” where random women work the streets. It is OBVIOUS but would take effort for a police officer. Instead of going through those places and making them safer, they park around blind curves, under overhangs, etc looking for someone making a simple mistake. And God Forbid if you don’t have enough money to pay your insurance on time, suddenly your tag is dead and you can’t drive your car without going to jail. All for money, all done without regard for the unlucky citizen who in these current economic times NEED that money they are getting raped for.

Judges are paid to find us guilty, Cops are paid to find us making a mistake, and good luck making it through a year without at least once being raped by your local legal system for $300 or more.