War on Religion

There seems to be more and more growing movements of atheists who seem to be taking it on themselves to declare an all out war on religion and spirituality. They get the best of both worlds, they can proclaim they aren’t a religion while at the same time doing their best to do exactly what they accuse religion of doing and attempting to shove their beliefs and/or non beliefs down people’s throats.

atheist billboardI don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure, but more and more atheist sponsored anti-Christian and anti religion billboards going up and it is disgusting. Like this one, they are attacking the religion of someone else for no reason other than self satisfaction. I always hear these types of atheists complain about being offended by seeing a nativity scene in someone’s yard or hearing someone say god bless you when they sneeze, but look at what they are doing! They call a nativity scene offensive but think it’s okay to put up something that is intentionally offensive?

I am NOT a Christian, so before a bunch of people start trying to flame me for being some offended bible thumper actually read what I have to say.

When someone puts up a nativity scene for Christmas or something along those lines, they aren’t trying to offend anyone and no logical person should take offense. They are simply celebrating a holiday, and are supported to do so by free speech. In contrast, when someone puts up a billboard, sign, monument, etc. aimed at attacking the beliefs of someone else they ARE trying to be offensive and any logical person should take offense. They have the right as well because of free speech, but does the right to do it make it the right thing to do?

Bear in mind, I am not speaking of all atheists. I am speaking of the ones that preach their non belief and seem to think that they are in any way better than someone else just because that person believes in a religion. Many of the complaints against religion made by atheists against religion is that people try to force their beliefs on you, people ridicule or make fun of you for not believing in the same thing, and that religion creates hatred and tension resulting in violence and war. Is this not an example of the same thing without the religious reasoning? Are these billboards not also guilty of trying to force their opinion on people? Are they not creating tension and hatred? What they have in common with those same religions they hate is that they think what they believe is superior and they may even honestly think they are trying to help people “see the light”. Organized Atheism is just as bad as Organized Religion can be. Intolerance is intolerance no matter where it is coming from.

I am not personally a fan of organized religion

I think organized religion can take away from a person’s own spiritual journey, but I do not think less of someone else who believes differently than me. Many of my very close friends are Christian and are also very good people. Some are Wiccan, a few Buddhists , even some atheists thrown in there. A person should be judged by their intent and their actions, not by their belief system. Why? Because no one knows 100% what the truth is.

Some people find truth in organized religion, some find truth in science and are unable to trust anything that can’t be proven (yet), some find their own way, but not one person is better than another person for their beliefs. If you think you are better than someone else simply because of their beliefs then you are a fool.

A good rule of thumb, don’t be a dick

When someone says Merry Christmas they are trying to be nice to you. When you sneeze and someone says God Bless you they are trying to be nice to you. Don’t be a dick about it.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kickass Kwanzaa, merry Yule, Blessed Winter Solstice, and even you atheists have a happy day of no real significance where gifts are exchanged. Be happy being yourself and let others be happy being themselves and 95% of the worlds problems will be solved, no billboards needed.


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