Oct 15

Trouble is Brewing and No One Cares

mushroom-cloudThere is some serious trouble brewing and if you think it’s only about Hillary and Trump then hold on to your fucking hats. I’m not sure who the winner will be, so I’m not sure which players will be called Hero, but I can already tell you who is going to lose.

Lets start with the Election

This election is by far one of the most bizarre, for so many reasons. You’ve got a democratic candidate that most dems don’t like and the reds have demonized into a super villain. You’ve got a republican candidate that most reds don’t like and who is completely detestable by any standards. Problem is, the republican candidate’s followers make up quite a troublesome demographic. I like to skim through various forums and facebook pages/groups and definitely comment threads on articles. The election itself is really just a bit player in our impending shit storm.

The People

The next piece of the puzzle is the people. See, people in general have good intentions. I don’t want to sit here and say that all of either candidate’s supporters are bad people. Sure, trump has some crazy fucking white supremacist nutjob followers but they don’t make up the majority. The majority are just regular people who have been misguided. But, there are a couple of things that make trumps followers troublesome. The first is that they’re the most armed. The gun lobby has the republicans wrapped around their finger, and the republicans and trump have done their best to work gun owners into a paranoid anti government frenzy. The second, if you look around enough there are way too many independent groups talking about militias and “taking back our country” if Hillary wins. It seems the republicans would rather the country be destroyed than allow an opponent to win because the closer the election gets, the harder they double down on making her and all democrats out to be monsters. And of course they aren’t the only ones.

Outside Interference

This is the third piece of the shit-pie. The outside interference coming into our election. The deep web is abuzz with russian hackers laughing about messing with our election. Wikileaks has become a tool for Russia to disseminate propaganda and is hell bent on helping the republican party demonize Hillary. It’s even been shown and reported on many media outlets that some of the emails “released” are being edited and misrepresented, they’re coming from russian intelligence and being funneled straight into trump’s speeches.

But what does it all mean?

The more Hillary is demonized and the more of a frenzy trumps supporters get into, the more likely it is that if Trump loses we’re going to have a bunch of redneck militias fucking things up in an effort to “take our country back”. They’re being convinced that Hillary is the devil, she’s planning on rigging the election, and trump is the republican’s hip shooting cowboy jesus. Nomatter what you tell or show them about trump, it just strengthens their opinion that “government” is trying to stop him. If he loses the election (because he’s the absolute worst option I think there ever has been) it’s just going to confirm in his supporter’s eyes that the election was rigged. Its like religion, the more you denounce it the more it strengthens the resolve of the believer.

See, the point isn’t that Russia or Wikileaks or any of the outside influences want trump to win. What they want is the US to be destabilized and vulnerable. They want Hillary to win. They want to get every gun toting redneck conspiracy theorist thinking she’s the devil and starting a civil war when she wins. See, for Russia it’s a win win. If their demonizing of Hillary is successful enough for Trump to win, Trumps already said he’s fine with Russia and against NATO. Trump wins and russia ends up with less standing in it’s way of securing more power and control. Hillary wins, and Trump’s supporters are going to lose their shit and it’s going to be chaotic to say the least. Either way, we’re left wide open.

Russia is in a hurry

See, Russia is in a hurry to make it’s move within the next few years and our extra polarized government and election is like the golden ticket. They’re exploiting the hell out of it. Russia is in a hurry because they need to act before they’re threat against us is severely lessened. Just look at this report. Look at what it’s saying. Putin is basically saying that before NATO’s defenses neutralize Russia’s threat he’s going to make his move. They’ve been planning this for a while, the whole reason Putin took crimea was because of the munitions factories. Russia and China have been doing military exercises together for a good while, and right now they’re doing naval exercises in disputed territory. They’re flexing their muscles, pushing at the fences looking for weak spots like some mutated dinosaur. Their support from Iran is all the more troublesome. Under normal circumstances a conflict with the joint forces of China, russia and iran would be pretty ugly, imagine how bad it will be when we’re simultaneously facing our own internal conflict after the election is over!

Is it too late?

The fucked up thing is I think it might be too late to change the way things are going to go. By the republican party’s drive to defeat Hillary at all costs they have made her out to be a monster and allowed Trump to go as far as he has. Trump’s drive to do win at all costs has led to more of the same, with the added bonus of his stance that the “republican establishment” is just as evil. The more republican politicians denounce Trump the more it will confirm that sentiment in the eyes of his supporters. The republican party can’t back out of this now, nothing the democrats can say can dissuade Trump’s supporters from the path they’re headed down. Even if both groups started working together right now to calm things down and make this election less frenzied, the added external forces from Russia/wikileaks interference has tipped the scales. So what can be done? Trump could drop out of the race, tell his supporters that he was wrong to work them up so much about Hillary and that she’s not a monster, and I still don’t think it would make a difference at this point to Trump’s supporters. Russia has successfully implemented it’s plan to destabilize it’s biggest threat. It’s like a giant domino effect and the cascade of dominoes has already been allowed to go so far that there’s no way you can get to the other side of the room fast enough to stop the last one from tipping. Short of somehow within the next 3 weeks the entire country seeing and understanding this message, we are fucked.

Great Job America….. I usually have ideas, plans of action, things that I can suggest that will help make things better. This time all I can say is it might not be a bad idea to learn some russian and invest in a gun and some emergency supplies.