Too Much Information

Is too much information making humanity dumber?

You would think that in the modern era of the worlds information at your fingertips people would be getting smarter, but I think it might actually be doing the opposite. Before when people wanted to know things, especially things they wanted to apply, they had to actually learn them. Now if someone doesn’t know something they can just pull out their phone and be given the answer. Is this taking away the human desire to learn?

Our drive for knowledge used to define us

As a whole our drive for knowledge used to define us as humans. Seeking new frontiers, pushing boundaries, everything from starting the first fire to harnessing the atom, from sailing the seas to walking on the moon. Our drive to learn and to understand pushed us farther and farther. What happened? Our society is driven now by convenience, commercialism and entertainment. We’re too lazy to put in effort so we want convenience. All the extra time from convenience leaves us bored so we crave entertainment. For the most part now in our society, learning is no longer the goal as much as it is a means to afford the convenience and entertainment we want. So what do we have now? We have the entirety of human progress and discovery available in mere seconds with only very few of us who actually care to use it for more than porn and seeing what celebrity is fucking another. If we need to know something, why learn and retain that information when we can have the question answered for us? Why learn where the stars are when there’s an app that points them out for you on your cell phone? So instead of people learning and building a foundation of understanding, they simply learn what they need to and learn how to google the rest. Some of the dumbest people I have ever met in my life had college degrees. I have literally seen a doctor googling a medical problem (it was about Bells Palsy and I had to explain it to them). Retaining of information is no longer as important as having a superficial understanding. As long as you can sound like you know what you’re talking about you can google the rest and go play expert, and the fucked up thing is many people will be fooled into believing it. Next thing you know you have no clue what the fuck your talking about while people are asking you for answers, the ultimate form of the blind leading the blind.

For fucks sake start actually learning people!

Seriously, right now you can start. Forget current events, forget trending topics, forget deluding yourself and others into thinking this post doesn’t apply to you. I want you to go out and pick up a book, not an ebook or an audio book but an actual printed book with paper and letters and all that good shit, and read it. Don’t talk about economics based on headline talking points and what ‘experts’ have to say, pick up a fucking book on economics. Read some philosophy, browse through some of the letters from the US’s founding fathers (it’s easier to understand the constitution when you understand the people who wrote it), study ancient mythology (just for the hell of it, gives you a lot of perspective on modern religion), just pick up any non-fiction book that interests you and be a part in curing humanity’s stupidity.