To achieve a goal

I have made zero attempt to hide it, I am pro life. I am 100% against abortion. One of my earlier posts here was an argument against pro choice arguments, you can read it here.

The reason I’m mentioning this post in particular is because if you go HERE you will see that the writer visited, and basically copied the post but used bad arguments instead of good ones. She changed one word in the title and used it too. I wrote her and still have gotten no response. One major insult is that she gives the link to the pro-choice site but just mentions this post indirectly.

Now, here is the biggest insult, and also the topic of this post- She argues against it terribly. In any kind of debate her arguments could be torn apart by the opposition. With this post I am going to explain why.

To Achieve a Goal, it MUST be the ONLY Goal

If you want to convince people that it is better to be pro life and that being pro choice is wrong, then that has to be your only objective. You can’t package it along with any other agenda or you are doomed to failure. This is why you will never see me use a religious argument against abortion, protest outside of a clinic, etc.

Too often when it comes to abortion those against it use a biblical argument, which only applies to someone who believes in the same interpretation of the bible. The goal has to be to save unborn children, not to convert someone to your religious and spiritual beliefs. In order for you to have a successful pro-life movement it would have to be both non-denominational and non-partisan. In the new year I will be going ahead with plans to start just such a group.


Being Pro-Life isn’t just for Christian Republicans

I’m personally about as far as someone can get from a Christian Republican. My beliefs are my own, maybe eventually I’ll discuss them here eventually, and I never try to force my beliefs on someone else. What someone believes does not matter, it is the actions they take that matters.

Using Religion as an argument automatically excludes everyone who doesn’t share your exact religious point of view, so if your goal is to end abortion you have already failed. In the same way, making a republican campaign to stop abortions is just as futile because you just alienated half the country.

An Absolute Argument Sways No One

This being said, if you want to successfully end abortions then we are going to have to give in on several issues in our way. Many pro-life people are also against contraceptives, sex education, and things like the morning after pill. This gives Pro-Choice people ammunition, and it goes against the primary goal which is to stop abortion.

If we support the increased availability of contraceptives, support the use within the first week or two of the morning after pill for when those contraceptives fail, and properly educate youth and the general public on safe sexual practices and how important they are in preventing both disease and unwanted pregnancy, then we take away a huge part of the reason pro-choice people can justify abortions.

One more thing Pro Life people need to give in on is the allowance of medically necessary abortions. Allowing for medically necessary abortions and making it an allowable option for minors takes away the other primary arguments in favor of abortions.

Stop the Picketing, Attacks, and Hate Speech

Picketing an abortion clinic damages the cause. It makes you look like a zealot, makes people who are pro-choice even more determined, and since it’s been done for decades it OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T WORK!

Speak publicly, peacefully, and calmly. Raging about it isn’t going to help, cursing someone to hell doesn’t help, if you want to get your point across and have people actually listening to what you have to say you need to remain calm and respectful. Going about it as if you are in a battle will automatically make those listening become defensive instead of attentive. Seek out interviews in the media, organize a debate, call for public meetings. Don’t try to force your point of view down people’s throats by holding a sign and shouting, try actually talking to them reasonably. You won’t convince everyone, but you’ll have a lot more success than you would otherwise.

Talk to me

I know there are at least some readers of my blog who are pro-choice and I strongly encourage you comment either here or on the PandaGravy facebook page. Unfortunately I also know one other thing, which is that the majority of pro-life people are going to be a harder sell than pro-choice people simply because of me allowing for medically necessary abortions and abortions for minors. I will get resistance from people who are also pro life simply because I want to encourage the use of contraceptives and the morning after pill. These people would rather All or Nothing instead of meeting on common ground. I want to talk to anyone willing to talk to me, whether you agree or not, because your opinion on the subject is important and I am 100% confident that we can end the majority of abortions and still make everyone happy with the situation.

Please leave some feedback, please join the discussion, don’t just turn a blind eye to the entire subject simply because it is uncomfortable to talk about.