Time for a Change

No matter how many times a nickle is flipped, whether you call heads or tails or even the statistic impossibility of it landing on it’s side, it’s still going to be a nickle. You can argue about whether it should be on heads, or on tails. You can place it on either side you want, or even try to balance it on it’s side, but still it is a nickle.

Ok, so the left seems to be against big business and for the environment and social programs. The right seems to be for cutting taxes and still somehow balancing the budget. Among so many other issues, hot buttons, party lines, what have you. You can vote for one, vote for the other, or even throw away your vote on an independent. It’s still the same corrupt government system.

I found an article pointing out the cost of green energy, mandates forcing oil companies to mix ethanol in with gas and the environmental damage it is causing. So, is it pushing for a better environment, or a way of secretly pushing for big agriculture companies to make a higher profit while raising the prices of food?

politician worshiping moneyIt’s things like this that should make you wonder, does it matter who you vote for? I was looking around at where some of the large corporate donations are going, check it out here. Pick any industry and you’ll notice something interesting- Both sides are getting money from the same corporations. This means that whichever you vote for, they are being paid by the same people.

Is it not enough yet? Obama won because he made a campaign based on change. The American People are ready for a change. There is only one way change can happen, and that is to CHANGE SOMETHING! Trying to change the government by voting is like trying to play golf on a tennis court. You can’t change tennis into golf by playing tennis. You actually have to put the people on grass with holes, give them clubs and little balls, and tell them they are playing golf.

We as a people are ready for reform. We are ready to revolt, hopefully peacefully, against this current government system based on money and advertising. In my opinion, the Constitution as written would be an amazing system to use, instead of what we have today. I point out the differences in the current and past versions of the constitution here.

The Capital BuildingOne representative for every 30 thousand citizens. Voted locally, without national media influence, without government funded campaigns, based on the persons experience and goals. NO PARTY SYSTEM! Those 10k + representatives then vote on 2 senators in their individual states, and a president is chosen based on the candidates background, goals, skills, etc. No lobbying allowed, no bribes allowed, no deals behind closed doors, and mass media wouldn’t be able to sway the decisions since they would be made by locally elected officials. No one who has served in current government system should be eligible, and we can have a fresh start.

So, if you are ready for a change, if you are ready for real reform and making a real difference in how things are run, lets turn this country back into the republic it was supposed to be. Lets force the current government out, and put something better in it’s place. We aren’t going to get it from within, we need to remove and replace. You can’t build a new house from inside an old one, you have to tear it down and rebuild. Share this page, like the Pandagravy facebook page, and lets get together and get this done.

Change begins with each of us. The people have the power. If I had a job I wasn’t doing right, I would get fired. The government has a job it’s not doing right, so it needs to be fired. The only way it will happen is if we all get together and make it happen, so join me and let the change begin!