The real horror of climate change

Industrial Pollution Destroying the Planet

We’ve all heard the inconvenient truth about global warming, but there is more to the problem and it is scary and going to be happening a LOT faster than people realize.

I’m talking about Ocean Acidification.
A post today on CNN talks about ocean acidification HERE.

The oceans act as a sponge soaking up excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
I can’t find the report I read a couple of years ago, but when the government noticed that the oceans did this, a joint study with China and someone else did an experiment. They got a tank of ocean water, filled it with little ocean critters, made it as accurate a model of the actual ocean as possible, and then dumped a large amount of CO2 in it. Then they were shocked by something they hadn’t expected (but should have). The CO2 caused the water to become acidic and dissolve the shells of shelled organisms.

Any organism with a shell will no longer be able to surviveWhat makes this worse- when the oceans reach a certain point of acidification, not only will they stop absorbing CO2 but something to do with shells of micro organisms on the ocean floor dissolving will cause them to begin producing CO2 and putting it back into the atmosphere faster than they were absorbing CO2. Basically it will release CO2 and the saturated oceans can’t hold any more. So at that tipping point, the oceans will stop supporting the majority of life that live in them causing massive food shortages, but the slow speed of atmospheric worsening will speed up. Instead of buffering the impact of air pollution they will be increasing the speed at which CO2 builds up in the atmosphere.

Our current pollution is like a car rolling down a hill in neutral. It’s going slowly, picking up a little speed, but once it hits that threshold the engine will start and begin going faster than we can handle.

This isn’t a problem only for future generations, this could begin effecting every one of us very soon. More reports beginning to come out about this problem seem to talk about it but not emphasize the urgency of the situation. They want you to become as comfortable with ocean acidification as you are with global warming. “Sure it’s a problem but there’s still time to solve it.” There’s not time.

We have right now, one chance. We need to as a whole, everyone, stop the pollution immediately or we as a whole will pay for it. There are other means of energy out there aside from oil, burning coal, etc. It may be expensive to shift over everything, it may be costly to stop immediately using what is destroying the planet, but if it isn’t done we are all doomed. The government, all governments, need to immediately do whatever it takes to make everything green and stop the use of oil. If this means the government uses massive amounts of money to build solar panels and wind mills all over the place, spend massive amounts of money giving everyone solar panels and windmills to put on their land, spend massive amounts of money on making it so that cars and trucks are not powered by oil, then so be it. Our economy can’t handle it? Well how well is it going to handle the ocenas not giving us food anymore? How well is the economy going to handle massive floods, high temperatures, strains on the electrical grid by people needing more air conditioners running, damaged crops because of seasonal problems and droughts?

We can't hide from ocean acidification!We need to fix it and now or we are totally fucked. We can’t hide under the blankets and hope it gets better. One problem though, even if we got our governments to immediately implement changes, what would we do about China where they don’t have nearly the current regulations that other countries have? If we can’t get the whole world to make the change, then we’re slowing the problem and not stopping it.

All I can say is do the best you can to solve the problem for yourself, do what you can to pressure the government to do more to solve the problem, and hope like hell that we’re able to at least postpone this as much as possible. Once we get there, there’s no turning back.