May 31

The polarization effect

Recently I’ve seen a lot of complaints about various social media and websites becoming to polarized. People who are more conservative claiming facebook is to far left, people who are more liberal claiming sites like reddit are becoming too far right. Youtube and it’s current shenanigans of keeping advertising funding from youtubers who are atheist, anti-trump or can be construed in any way offensive to anything.

Now the liberals blame the conservatives and vice versa, but to be honest I have come to a realization. It is neither “side’s” fault. There is a polarization effect happening. We are dealing with a simple yet unidentified problem, unidentified because honestly it would offend many people. The internet is available to everyone.

Now the internet has been available to everyone since its inception, however access to it has not. The internet used to be predominantly populated with the more intelligent, simply put not everyone could understand how to use the internet much less put material online for others. Back then, things were more balanced. Intelligent people tend to be slightly to the left, but nowhere near the extremes of the far left. Some are right leaning, but even those few are nowhere near the extreme right. The polarization effect is caused by the unintelligent masses. Absolutely anyone if they feel like it can create content online for others, which means not only are stupid ideas shared they are then read by other stupid people who share them. It follows a formula, the more people the lower the average intellect.

If you go back to the early days of the printing press, it used to be the way to communicate great ideas and knowledge. It was the domain of the intellectual. Your ‘average’ person couldn’t operate one. Fast forward and you get crazy people printing off their own ‘magazines’ to spread conspiracy theories, grow hate groups, etc. It becomes more available to the masses and it becomes extreme and vulgar. It’s the same effect with the internet, too many people able to create, share and spread content. What was once a haven for the intellectual where all the worlds greatest accomplishments could be freely shared is now just another tool for advertising, spreading lies, indoctrination, and bullshit.

This unfortunately means the internet is no longer a place for ideas and human progress, yet again the most intelligent among us are reverting back into the shadows. Just like alchemists hundreds of years ago with secret basement labs and coded messages shrouded in mystery, the intellectuals must again begin working in secret until a new medium is created for open communication. Its the same reason why democracy itself doesn’t work, why Socrates and Plato hated democracy, that very few people can acquire the knowledge necessary to improve the world for future generations.

Now the ‘average’ person doesn’t want to hear this. The average person hates to be questioned and will take action, often extreme and even violent action, when their thoughts or ideas are questioned. So now the very risk of ‘offense’ to either ‘side’ of the average, your content is removed. Now you point out the absurdity of something and you’re the one called intolerant. We are experiencing the pain of everyone thinking their opinions and thoughts are equal. People are equal, ideas are not. If person a has the ‘opinion’ that science is a lie and things like global warming don’t exist, the earth is only a few thousand years old, etc. while person B claims otherwise, then although person A and B are equal person B’s opinions are better. An opinion based on logic and reason is always better than an opinion based on fantasy, emotion, indoctrination and supposition. So until society can come to terms with the majority of people’s thoughts and ideas just not being as important as the thoughts and ideas of those who know better, we’re going to keep repeating the same problem. We’re going to keep voting for our destruction and then rebuilding to do it again.