The National Debt and EBT Benefits

Every day I see someone complain somewhere about the government spending so much on “entitlement” like food stamps. I see someone ranting about cutting national debt by taking food from the mouths of needy families.

Well it didn’t take me much searching to discover some horrifying truths about our national budget and where the money is really being drained out. In 2012 the government spent around $75 billion on food benefits in the US. In 2012 the government spent more than $100 billion on corporate subsidies.

The Corporations that Control the Government Want You To Fight Each Other!

The companies run the government. There is NO question of that, and you would have to literally be completely blind to the world around you not to see it. They want you to bicker about whether or not to cut EBT while spending WAY more on giving money to corporations. The same corporations that pay as little as they can get away with to their employees, send lobbyists with briefcases full of cash to influence votes in their favor from politicians, the same companies that make record profits and give their executives millions in bonuses. These companies are getting more government benefits than hungry families. So why is it that BOTH parties are supporting the corporate subsidies? Why are BOTH parties not making it an issue yet they fight insanely and loudly about cutting entitlement and cutting taxes?

It’s simple, they don’t want to bring it to light how much the companies are getting, and they want the citizens to be distracted arguing with each other instead of noticing that they are getting totally and completely raped by the government! Bailouts to banks and airlines, tax breaks for companies to move to south america and take wages away from Americans, the entire US economy being completely controlled by The Fed (another corporation) and yet the big issue is entitlement?

Is it any surprise that there seems to be so much more demand for welfare and food? This great country’s wealth is being horded by the corporate giants and politicians that run it while they arrange for the populous to argue about how much to feed the poor!

Anyone reading this needs to please pay attention. Please don’t just shrug it off, say “that sucks” and remain apathetic. They want apathy, they want us to capitulate, they want us to not have any hope of making it better. The truth is, they work for US!

The Government works for us!

It’s time we give them a pink slip. Forget voting, forget petitions, the only thing that will end this is a complete revolution and reform. Our founding fathers made it so that we have every right to remove the government if it becomes corrupt and start fresh. Call it the constitutional reset button. Each year those in office do a little more shredding of that right, and make it harder and harder for the American People to ever be able to overthrow our government, but it is NOT too late! Let us rise up and take back the reins of our government. Let us not bicker with each other while the real enemy gets fat off of our nations wealth! We’re America, home of the American Dream. That same dream that drives people to swim rivers, risk their lives, get shipped in boats in shipping containers, make rafts and try to sail to our country. America is worth fighting for, so lets fight now before it is too late!

Share this, email it to your friends, tell your coworkers, hell write the address on bathroom stalls with a sharpie! Let us get the message out, that what we need is a complete reset.