May 17

The Inevitability of Trump

So for those who know me and know ow strongly and actively I worked to try and prevent Trump from getting into office there is probably one question they might share. Where did I go? I pretty much quit going to facebook, I’ll check in every day or two for a few minutes before I leave again. Honestly, it was driving me insane. The sheer amount of ignorance, intentional and inexcusable ignorance. Just the thought that so many people thought and still think that Trump and the republican party was in any way a good idea of things to vote for….. Its the very reason Socrates was against democracy. When the ignorant and dim witted are in the majority the rest of us can do nothing but watch in horror. But I am not here to argue or debate, if you think Trump winning was a good thing kindly move along, you’re not honestly mentally capable of processing anything else I’m going to say and I’m not wasting my time arguing with blocks of cement. For those interested, I’ve been spending my time working day after day to get things in order so that when the time comes I can have the funding necessary to attempt a run for office. I won’t waste my time arguing with the masses when I can take more efficient action and put myself in the position to make the necessary changes.

But this post, this post isn’t about that. This post is about why it was bound to happen, and as painful as it is to say it the last thing we need to do right now (before another election) is fight too terribly hard. The only thing worse right now than Trump in the Whitehouse is if Trump were to be impeached. See, Trump was an inevitability. Maybe not Trump himself but someone like him was bound to come at some point or another. Our society over the past few decades has become more and more sensationalized, we as Americans (and honestly as a species) crave extremes. Since Reagan making the bed between the republican party and the religious sects, this was inevitable. The good news is, Trump isn’t the worst of what could have been. Believe me, he’s bad. A total piece of shit. But honestly he isn’t intelligent enough to be as bad as someone like him could have been. He’s going to bumble through his term, aided by those who are more intelligent than him that wanted to cling on to what he represents for their own gains, but there’s a chance we might just make it through intact. Right now we should count ourselves lucky that we didn’t get someone both cunning and demented enough to use the power Trump has gained to completely end our democratic process. Basically, we should count ourselves lucky that there is still somewhat of a chance of recovery when the next elections come. Right now to me the bigger threat than Trump is Pence. Pence is a religious zealot. The kind of guy who never would have gotten the type of power and blind support that Trump got but definitely the type that if given the opportunity would make things very very bad for anyone who didn’t like the idea of theocracy. Efforts right now should not be on impeaching Trump, they should be on organizing campaigns to take away the power of the republican party in congress. Say the collusion with Russia is proven (which I’m sure it will eventually be) and Trump is impeached. We don’t have anything on the books for this. The VP is supposed to be the next in the chain of command because when the whole thing started the VP was supposed to be the runner up for president. So we’ve had it changed along the way that the president picks his VP, but the laws were never updated. It was never thought of in advance ‘what if someone runs for office with their own VP who happens to also be working for the interests of a foreign power to undermine our government?’. So when it is proven, when Trump is impeached, Pence will become president. Even though Pence will only have that position with the gains from the very act that gets Trump impeached, he’ll still reap the rewards of that collusion and still maintain his own power. Where does that leave us?

Trump was inevitable because at the end of the day everyone is unhappy, everyone is discontent with the status quo and the nonfunctional government we have been stuck with. The sides are too polarized, to far extreme. One side of the extreme is so used to the easy time that they’ve had in the US that they come up with new inventive ways to claim oppression (because most of them haven’t ever experienced what real oppression is) and the other side is so tired of being called racist and sexist that they just say fuck it and start acting that way. The loudest groups are the extremes on both sides while the majority of us, those of us who just want to live our lives, are drowned out. Individual issues are completely ignored, grouped into arbitrary associations. Trump was inevitable because this country needed to get a wake up call that our current bullshit will result in nothing but disaster. Trump is the exploding alarm clock, and we can either ignore it and let the rest of the bombs go off or we can take action to stop it from happening anymore. Get the republicans and the democrats both out of office, stop associating issues together arbitrarily, keep religion out of our government (it has absolutely zero place there) and work toward restructuring the whole damned thing.

Let us just hope that minimal damage is done before we can come together and defeat the stupidity. Individually people can be quite brilliant, but in a group they’re intellect is inversely proportional to their size. In other words, the larger the group the dumber the group gets. We need to do away with both parties, take the mob mentality away and work in individual districts the way it was designed. Someone in congress should represent the district that elected them, not the party that funds their campaign. Unless you want something worse than Trump next time around, take this seriously- elect independents to house districts. It is the only way to topple the structure of the parties, we take away the majority from both and don’t let them have it back.