The Cure for Gay- Would you take it?

I am going to start off this post with one statement- I am in no way intolerant of gay people. My best friend is gay, and to me a person’s sexuality is their own business.

I found an article today that raised some interesting questions and information so I thought I’d talk about it here. THIS ARTICLE is about scientists discovering the cause of homosexuality.

Gay B Gone- Would you use a cure for gay?Basically, they’ve found these epi-marks that actually cause the unborn baby to become masculinized or feminized, and can predict which will produce gay babies and which will produce non gay babies. I’m thinking that if they now know the exact cause, they will be working on a way to stop the effect of the epi-marks to prevent the child from being born gay. This means there is a possibility of them coming out with a pill for pregnant mothers that would prevent their kids from being gay.

Is this Good or Bad?

I have my own opinions on this, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide, and really tell me what you think because this is very important.

The Good:
Preventing kids from being gay before they are born means they don’t have to live a life ostracized for their sexuality that they can’t help. Sure any kid is open to bullying, but growing up and living gay is a very hard life, especially in less accepting areas. A gay child isn’t safe at home, school, work, some are lucky and have families that accept them and some don’t. It would be a way to protect that child from a lifelong struggle. It would also show that homosexuality isn’t a choice, so maybe it would reduce the hatred put on gay people already born.

The Bad:
Many gay people are perfectly happy with their orientation, who is to say it’s wrong even if you know the cause? There are tons of reason people get picked on and abused, it’s society that needs to be accepting of people’s differences, not the people that need to change and conform to those differences. Plus, who knows the side effects? Does all feminizing make a boy gay? Does a touch of masculinity make a girl gay? What other aspects of their being would the mother risk changing? Then, if it’s the environment of an unborn child that determines the sexuality, then it is probably the environment of the still developing child that would have a hand in determining it too. Offering a pill would only add fuel to the fire of a hate filled society, instead of treating the root of the problem. Plus, over population is a problem on a world with too many people and not enough room, maybe this is nature’s population control, should we play god and try to change what nature is doing?


The answer is there is no answer. People from both sides of the gay debate are going to have both answers, it’s a very tricky question. I’m sure there’s gay people who wouldn’t want their kids to have to grow up to be gay, I’m sure there’s straight people who wouldn’t want to go against whatever nature decides, there is a lot of grey area and it comes down to an individual decision. What do you have to say about it?