Taking Positive Action

I feel so much pain and sympathy for Trayvon and his family, I wish there was some way I could do something, but unfortunately thanks to the republican party deciding that the life of a child is less important than creating a political spin and misinforming their Fox viewers too much of the public believes that Zimmerman was getting his head “bashed in”. (I’ve seen someone’s head after being bashed into a sidewalk, it looks a whole lot worse than a couple small scratches that bruise up later). He’s already been found not guilty, and unfortunately cannot be tried again for murder (although maybe he should get charged at the very least with stalking and assault, give him some kind of punishment anyway). He will however have to live his entire life watching his back, so I hope he has as much of a miserable existence as possible. So, here’s what we can do.

1- We can do what we can to change the self defense laws such as “Stand your Ground” so that they aren’t worded in such a way as to protect murderers.

2- We can try to do away with other laws, such as the law in Texas that allows a person to kill another who has stolen their property. It got this guy off for killing a prostitute on the grounds that she didn’t have sex with him which was the equivalent of stealing his $140

3- We can help people who are still alive to be helped, such as this woman who tried to use the stand your ground law in Florida when she fired a warning shot at her abusive husband. Now she’s in prison for 20 years while her kids are where?


We can’t save Trayvon, we can’t get any real justice for his family, but we can let this tragic event be something we rally behind to do our damnedest to try to prevent these things from happening in the future. The disregard of human life in this country is getting hard to swallow.

It isn’t about race though. Zimmerman is hispanic and Trayvon was black. You know what the three crimes and injustices I’ve mentioned on this post, as well as many many more that go unnoticed and ignored, have in common? CLASS. This is class warfare people, the have’s vs the have-not’s. Those with trying to remove the “problem” of those without. Trayvon was in a multi-racial gated community, and at night from a distance it’s hard to tell what color someone’s skin is. Trayvon didn’t look like he “belonged” there. It was because he didn’t look like he was of the same class of the people that live there, like Georgey. The woman who was trying to protect herself and her kids, she wasn’t “valuable” enough for her case to get national media coverage. The escort who was murdered was expendable compared to the murderer who could pay for a lawyer as well as sex. (They didn’t take into account that an escort isn’t obligated to have sex and the money is for time spent, and paying for sex is a crime). These things are happening ALL AROUND US! People aren’t paying attention and the poor of the country are taking it HARD!

Let me be the first to admit, I am poor. Not “broke between checks” poor but “Lives with inlaws and everyone spends everything they can earn just to survive and it still isn’t enough” poor. People in charge of hiring won’t hire someone who has been unemployed for a long time. They won’t hire someone who can’t already afford “Business professional” clothes to show up in. They won’t hire someone who doesn’t have reliable transportation because they either lost their license unable to pay fines or their car broke down with no way to pay to get it fixed. The deck is stacked against us, all of us, you’re either one of them or you’re nothing.

The occupy movement didn’t do much for us. Sure, it brought to attention that a lot of people are angry at the unfairness of the way our country is set up. It brought to attention that a lot of people are really struggling in this world. But did it change anything? NO! The wealthy of this country are stomping on us all, and the middle class are just as guilty of stomping on those who are lower on the totem pole than they are. The very poor see it all the time, doors slammed in their faces on many opportunities. Some get lucky and can rise above, some higher up get unlucky and fall to the bottom. There is enough wealth in the world that if it were somehow divided more evenly, everyone could live comfortably and happily, but it is in people’s very nature to desire to have more than others. Billionaires sit on their money and barely spend a portion of it, and ignore the homeless people asking for change on the street. These people could give each person they saw asking for change a thousand dollars for a week and not even notice the money missing!

I remember a fable, old man hoarded money buried in his yard. He went and dug it up frequently, counted it, and buried it again. Someone found it, dug it up, stole it, and put the empty jars back. He reported the theft and was asked, “Did you ever spend any of the money?” “no” “Then carry on”. Whether the money was there or not, he wasn’t using it anyway, so why hoard it?

You could go into the bank accounts of some of the rich in this country and take out millions and millions of dollars, and they wouldn’t even notice until their accountants told them. They can’t just give people money, that would be somehow wrong right? Then you have people like me, the poorest people in this country, who would give the shirt off their back if they saw someone who needed it. Who give all the change they have and anything they can spare if a homeless person asks for change. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and in what I’ve seen of history is that when the divide between the rich and the poor is big enough, the poor will eventually be tired of taking it and then we get to start our civil war.