Simple: Same Sex Marriage is a Right!

Ok, lets say my best friend wasn’t gay. Lets say no one I know or care about is gay, lets even pretend I’m a hardcore Christian that wants to live the evangelical version of Sharia law. There’s one simple problem, Gay marriage was never a right that needed to be granted, but a right people tried to take away that they want back.

Simply put, there is a separation of church and state. That is why you can get married by a justice of the peace or any clergy you see fit as long as they are registered to perform marriages.

Therefor, since the legal definition of marriage is a legal union between two people, we cannot force the Christian (not all Christians for that matter) definition of a marriage, and we cannot force the beliefs of anti gay groups on the rest of the country.


Without the separation of church and state we would have a serious problem- You know how in the middle east there is basically a constant holy war going on? Thats where we would be, a religious dictatorship that calls itself a democracy. Probably back to witch burnings and putting spiked metal sheaths on children’s penises to keep them from sinning with themselves. The world is already bad enough with all the damn “my god says you’re a sinner now die” BS. Don’t limit the rights of one person because of the beliefs of another, that’s what our whole fucking country is about. America is my home, I love america, I want America to hold itself to higher standards. We’re supposed to be the land of the free right? So my best friend and millions of america just want one simple thing- to be seen as people. What does it matter who they’re with or what they do behind closed doors? Your god doesn’t like it, then don’t watch/participate. One thing I can guarantee is that whatever god you believe in wouldn’t want you mistreating others in their name.