Republicans need to drop the PC thing

Republicans really are the LAST group that need to be rallying against political correctness and there’s a fundamental (to the republican party) reason why.

Political correctness, or being PC, seems to be hurled around as some sort of horrendous disease of a concept by the republican party. Now, this is probably because it’s the only way they can attempt to internally justify their candidate for presidency as anything other than a bigoted idiot. They simply shrug it off as “he’s not a politician, he’s not used to being PC and he speaks his mind”. The truth though, is that PC basically just means being polite and trying not to offend and the reason for the “politically” part of it’s name is that politicians try really really hard to not alienate voters. This isn’t just a practice of politicians however, successful business owners are also generally PC. Especially really large successful business owners that do international business and have a lot more demographics to appease. So not being good at being PC means the Donald isn’t even a good business man.

But that’s beside the point of this post, this post is to clarify something that the republicans need to consider before jumping on the anti-PC bandwagon. The primary aspect of what it is to be republican is being a christian and enforcing christian doctrine. Now this is bad enough by itself, the group is hell bent on turning the US into a theocracy, but the part I’m focusing on is that this is THE group of people that shout the loudest about “respecting other’s beliefs” when their beliefs are challenged. The reason to respect another’s beliefs is because it’s PC to do so. So if republicans want to get rid of PC, then I say lets go for it.

Since we’re getting rid of being PC, let me just come right out and say FUCK RESPECTING YOU BELIEFS. Your beliefs are not just as valid as facts and evidence and logic, your beliefs in a world where they weren’t already accepted would be considered lunacy on their own, your beliefs are based on no evidence except for the beliefs themselves and your beliefs are fucking wrong. People say to respect the beliefs of others because they’re trying to be nice and because they’re trying to make sure their own beliefs are respected as well, but these beliefs do NOT deserve respect.

If I were to tell you that I was an emissary of god, demand that society change it’s laws based on that, and call for people to go to war to enforce my beliefs I would be put in a mental institution. If I managed to avoid an institution, and got a few hundred people to follow along with me and worship me as the emissary I claimed to be, I would still be considered insane and the group of followers would be considered a crazy as hell cult. So why, just why, is it more credible just because it was written down a long time ago? How in the hell is it respectable to believe what current society would call insane, how in the hell is it respectable to be a part of what current society would call a cult? You want to get rid of being politically correct fine, it can get annoying and tedious on occasion, but be prepared for the consequences.

If you follow organized religion you’re an idiot. If you justify it as “I’m not following a religion I’m following Jesus” then you are an idiot (Jesus as a concept is PART of the religion, so you’re still following the fucking religion). If you think for one second that you are a better person because you go to church you’re an idiot. If you think for even a second that trump is a good candidate you’re an idiot. If you think for one second that your beliefs are any better than someone else’s you’re an idiot, and if you think me saying so is just another “belief” then you’re still an idiot. I don’t need to “believe” religion is bullshit, absence of faith is not faith in it absence. Choosing not to believe is not an act of belief, it is a practice of healthy critical thinking skills that require evidence to support outrageous claims.