Redefining Gravity

This is actually from a post I did in 2015


This is how I currently understand the universe, although new information may make me completely disregard these thoughts and force me to reconstruct it in my head again, but here goes.To explain my theory of the universe I must first re define gravity, so I need to define what makes our universe. All matter and energy are our universe but there is another part of our universe overlooked, and it is the greatest part- space. Einstein understood this, space is it’s own unique type of substance, the only kind that can make more of itself. There is a background constant to space, a zero point energy, it is the fluid in which everything in the universe is suspended. This is an important part to redefining gravity.


Current thinking on gravity views it as a function of matter, in particularly the higgs-bosen and the higgs field. I now understand gravity to not be a function of matter but actually a function of space. We view gravity as matter attracting matter, but instead think of it is space pushing toward matter. If you think of space as a fluid and gravity as spacial bouyancy it makes sense. I would probably be able to explain it better but I have yet to be able to accurately describe with words the intricacies I visualize in my head so if I seem to be repeating myself at times it is simply because I am trying my best to share this thinking with clarity.



Areas with matter have less space than areas of space, or a lower spacial density. Space, and everything suspended in that space, pushes to fill the area of less space. Like a boat on the ocean being pulled toward a whirlpool. At first I thought this idea was nonsense but I couldn’t get it out of my head, I thought with the discovery of the higgs-bosen in 2012 it was confirmed to be a function of matter but the thought occurred to me, the higgs field causes gravity simply because it repels space within that field, less space meaning more gravitational pull. Current models show bodies with mass creating a dip in space, they just misidentify the cause as being a function of that body of mass when it’s space trying to fill that dip.



The great thing about redefining gravity as spacial buoyancy is that it actually explains why gravity is what is causing the acceleration of the universes expansion. When the universe began, outside the universe isn’t space. Space is a part of our universe, so outside of that space, at the borders of our universe, is void of space (or at leas the same kind of space within our universe’s borders). Since gravity forces areas of more space to push towards areas of less space, the void outside of the universe is pulling our universe. As it gains momentum it accelerates. The same laws apply to gravity, just a different source. Current universe models attribute gravity to matter, so they would assume that the universe’s expansion would decelerate since the matter would all pull toward each other and eventually end in a big crunch. Momentum would cause the acceleration to slow. They make up for this by calling it “Dark Energy, an unknown force pushing the universe apart. With gravity properly attributed to being a function of space, momentum would still apply. It would build speed from the constant pull from outside of the universe.



This is why space is a vacuum. Just like if you went into space you’d be pulled apart, the universe is being pulled apart creating the vacuum. This leads me to another part of my conclusion, that there was no “Big Bang”. There’s no other force of nature we have observed that just suddenly happened or came into existence from nowhere, so why would that happen with the universe itself? Things tend to grow, to expand over time, it would make sense that the universe is continuously being spawned. Say from a tear to yet another universe or larger universe. A tear appears in in a void, space on the other side of that tear is pulled toward the void and everything suspended within that space is pulled through as well. Like a spring the universe flows outward being sucked through that tear in space and time and as the pull continues it goes faster, the hole widens, more and more space being sucked through into existence inside of our universe. Just like the solar system is part of the network of a galaxy and galaxies are part of the network of the universe, our universe is likely part of a network of other universe’s, some bigger some smaller, some with potentially totally different laws of physics or types of matter (if matter is even a concept in those other universes). This makes me wonder though, what is Dark Matter?



Another thing that had to exist for the Big Bang theory to be accurate is Dark Matter, matter that we cannot see or interact with physically.So we started looking for it. We’ve seen gravitational effects of dark matter and I remember seeing long ago something about evidence of dark matter from seeing the collision of two nebulae. So this “dark matter” does exist (although not because of a Big Bang). What do we know about it? It doesn’t interact with the matter of our universe. It does have gravitation effects and gravity effects it. So it would be safe to assume that dark matter interacts with the space it is in. If dark matter doesn’t interact with regular matter then it can exist at the same point and time as regular matter and would be likely to do so as the gravity present at one body would pull the dark matter to occupy that same area. This has some profound impact on how we view even our own solar system. More than one layer of substance and each layer having a gravitational effect means that some of the gravity of an object is from both bodies being there. So, if a planet the same size and composition as ours had more or less dark matter also present, it would have more or less gravity present. We haven’t observed enough of the universe to know if the amount of dark matter and gravity present is consistent in other solar systems, so a solar system with almost no dark matter present could have planets the same size as ours and same composition with much less gravitational pull, or planets twice as big as ours but with roughly the same gravitational force. Another thing it has profound impact on the way we view the universe currently is this- there could be other life within even our own solar system. On another layer of the universe Mars could have an atmosphere, life, even intelligent life. So could Venus, our Moon, an insane number of possibilities.



I don’t have evidence for this next part, only supposition and a feeling it is correct. I think the dark matter is the same kind of matter as the rest of the universe just at a different frequency. Just like technically if my hand’s atoms were vibrating at just the right frequency I could pass it through the keyboard, the atoms slipping through the spaces between the other atoms. Another thought, we can’t interact with dark matter, so in theory some of that dark matter may not interact with other dark matter, there could be several layers, each only interacting with each other through gravity. There could be bodies of dark matter being orbited by bodys of our matter (I have a feeling that could be evidenced by Pluto’s interesting system of moons). What if we were able to change the frequency of something so it became out of sync with our layer and into sync with another? What if there were a craft of some sort that changed it’s frequency and everything in it to a frequency that was in sync with another layer? I think there is intelligent life in this solar system that has created crafts that do just that, that would explain UFO sightings where the UFOs seem to just disappear, they are going out of sync and we can’t see or interact with them anymore. We’re being observed and studied.



A letter I saw once from the FBI vaults mentioned something interesting- the person writing it (this was a letter from someone else to the FBI) claimed that there was already another race visiting us and they had contacted us at some point, had far advanced technology, and wasn’t extraterrestrial in origin but more from a different dimension, mentioning Lokas and Talas from the vedic texts (according to the vedic texts there are seven planes of existence each one separated into two parts, Lokas and Talas) and that we could potentially contact that race by modifying radio broadcasts. This letter was from long before the widely known concept of inter-dimensional travel and is very interesting since most of it is blacked out (including info on specifically who wrote the letter).