Nice France Trucks Vs. Guns


Ok I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook chatter about how the event in Nice shows that gun control laws are dumb, good ol Newt Gingrich is trying to get his big old head in the media more lately and he came out sarcastically saying he expected Obama to make a speech soon about truck control laws, etc. So I thought I’d take a moment to point something out.

There’s no logic to this place…..

Someone killing people with a truck doesn’t change the fact that we have an insane amount of gun related deaths in this country and that guns are far to easy to get. Someone killing people with a truck doesn’t change that a national registration system with strict background checks (both mental health and criminal) that was integrated at the national level is a good idea. Someone killing people with a truck also doesn’t change the fact that it is a good idea to limit availability of ammunition. I get mad when things like this happen and people use it as a way to promote their agenda, both sides are guilty of it and it’s crap. It cheapens the lives lost, it tries to turn one person’s tragedy into another person’s political advantage, and it’s very illogical. Event B doesn’t justify not making precautions to prevent event A, especially when event A is something so commonplace as gun violence is here in the US. Sure no new gun laws would stop all the bad guys from getting guns, but it’s about making progress. Over time more and more unregistered guns would come off the street and more and more deaths will be prevented. I say start a national gun buyback program where people can get more than the value of the gun by turning it in, and no questions asked about the whether that gun was legally obtained or not. I’d rather see our country make some kind of progress towards reducing gun violence than see it do nothing because people are afraid it won’t do much good. People need to stop letting fear of “bad guys” prevent action being taken to stop them, at least a little at a time.

But, good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns!

There are incidents where a person with a legally obtained gun prevents others from committing crimes with guns, but there are far more incidents of that not happening. Does it sound like it makes much sense to let fear of “Bad guys with guns” cause us to make it still just as easy for the bad guys to get guns?

It’s more than just guns, we don’t have a gun problem we have a people problem (or other memes talking about it being because of religion not taught in schools or not spanking, whatever)

The problem with gun violence in america has many contributing factors and widespread availability of guns is only one of those factors. However, there being other factors doesn’t mean we shouldn’t address that one. We should also address the cultural and societal factors that contribute. I’d think the glorification of soldiers has something to do with it, people being told that they should practically worship anyone who wears a uniform but subconsciously meaning we should revere government paid murderers. Another factor is the glorification of crime in some social groups. Another factor would be the “war on drugs” which gives drugs such a high value that people will willingly risk their lives and take the lives of others just to make money to get by, which also includes another factor which is the huge divide between the wealthy and the poor. Our melting pot has had a bunch of really shitty ingredients thrown in, and taking one small piece of one out definitely won’t fix the stew but over time if we work toward making progress toward taking those troublesome elements out we can make things better.

Which do you choose to be; afraid or hopeful?

The NRA position is one of defeatism, where it’s already too late to make things better so screw everyone else I just want to make sure I can protect myself. I choose to maintain at least some hope in humanity that it’s not to late, progress can be made and we can make our country and the world a better and safer place to live.

About those trucks…..

Now about the trucks, with technological advances in transportation where they are, it wouldn’t be out of the question to have a system in place that causes a truck or vehicle to automatically slow or even shut down if erratic behavior (such as swerving quickly out of a lane or towards a group of people) or even if imminent collision is detected. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to also make trucks safer and not able to be used as a weapon. Sure if trucks were released that did that it wouldn’t make it impossible for someone to use an older truck to do the same thing, but over time it would help eliminate that threat as well. No one expects an immediate solution, we just want to make progress toward some kind of solution.