Misleading by Agreeing

Today’s post is about a problem we as a country face other than our government. Yes, we know the government is corrupt, and we know that whichever side we vote for they are all being controlled by the same people. (If you don’t know that, then you must not have read previous posts). There is a huge problem though that I see popping up everywhere I look and I want to talk about that now.

Left or Right, what's in the middle is beautifulOne of the things that the government wants us to do is polarize. They want us to fight each other about being left or being right instead of meeting in the middle, that way they have a big distraction from what they are really up to. This polarization is a bad thing and if we really ever want to make a difference it will only come when we learn to meet in the middle as a nation. This is where the problem lies though. With the country currently headed by Obama, a liberal, there is a swell of unhappy people from the right who are anti government. Saying many of the same things I am saying, such as the two parties being puppets controlled by the same people, but then twisting things to support their extremist views, people like Alex Jones are leading people down a path that will lead to nothing but chaos and eventually an even worse position than we are currently in.

I am all for getting rid of the government, I believe I’ve made that perfectly clear, but to do it under the banner of extreme conservative “values” is dangerous. Instead of getting rid of the arbitrary and artificial polarization, it is profoundly expanding it and making it worse. Instead of a “people vs government” mentality it is breeding an “us vs them and the government” mentality. Its putting Americans against their fellow Americans, which is in every way wrong.

I personally think Alex Jones and others like him are very likely being controlled by the very powers that be that are controlling the government. They are put there to do two things. 1 to encourage the polarization and 2 to discredit people who are anti government. Think about it, some of the things Alex Jones says are true, but the way he twists it all together and some of the crazier things that come from him makes it so that when people think of anti-government groups they think of crazy people shouting on television. Now, even if they are not plants from our government, they are still doing those two main things and it puts us in a tight spot. Either they succeed and overthrow the government, much to the dismay of any liberals, homosexuals, non christians, etc. or they don’t succeed but make it harder for someone like me to gain support because of the image people get when they hear about someone pushing for an overthrow of the government.

Groups like Occupy pushing for far left separation want to rebel as peacefully as possible, groups like the militias that associate on the Alex Jones side of things want to bring an all out civil war. Why can’t we meet in the middle, go as peacefully as possible but if it comes down to it be ready to defend ourselves and our fellow people from the government? We don’t need any more of this left vs right bullshit. We don’t have to agree with each other on everything, that is why we are individual people. We do have to get along though. I have many friends that I disagree with politically, have different spiritual beliefs and lifestyles from me, but they are still my friends. A persons opinion on something doesn’t define them as a person.

No matter what your personal beliefs, going to an extreme of one side is not going to get rid of the problem. That is why it’s called an extreme. Muslims go extreme for their “conservative values” and blow people up, while those who aren’t extreme can be pretty cool people. Do we really want to encourage American People to start going to the extreme? Lets just agree to disagree, work together, get rid of our current government, and rebuild so we call all be happy instead of just half of us.