Million Mask March

Anonymous plans Million Mask March

For those who may not know about it, on November 5th, 2013 there is supposed to be an uprising against the current corrupt government to remove that corruption and start fresh. This has been planned by the group Anonymous, the date inspired by the film V for Vendetta (the same inspiration for the “anonymous” mask).

Now, This date is less than a month away, and I found out about the million mask march just last week while randomly watching suggested youtube videos. I found the following video (I know it’s a bit long for a youtube video, but watch it):

Now, our constitution was made specifically so that if the government became corrupt and unjust the people (us) have the right to remove that corrupt government from power and basically do a reboot, starting fresh. This is the goal of the Million Mask March, and I am all for making it happen.

Edit: I found more info and more organization than I thought there was, please visit Million Mask March¬†and find a location near you. You can also help organize one in your local area if there isn’t one already. I’m making one in Asheville NC right now.


If we wanted to actually accomplish this, we would need MASSIVE numbers of people, this date and plan would need to be so well known that you can ask a random person on the street and they’d know it was coming up. We’re a month away, and I only found out last week.


The solution is simple- though the date and event were originally planned by anonymous we need to take the next steps ourselves. We need to get together in local groups in support, get in touch with groups in other areas who are in support, and spread awareness of this as far as we possibly can. We can do this by making fliers, printing out masks people can wear and passing them out, graffiti, Craigslist, Facebook sharing, etc. We have less than one month to get our shit together and follow through with this plan of action. Everyone is anonymous, we are the people, and we need to for once despite all of our differences work as one and stop the corruption and insanity that is our government.

You ask any person if they think there is corruption in the government, they will either say yes or they are deluding themselves or lying or part of some cult that doesn’t allow members to turn on a TV. You ask a random person if there is anything that can be done about it, most likely you’ll get an answer along the lines of “That’s just the way things are”. Well, it doesn’t have to be, and we do have the power to change it if we all work together to remove that corruption.

Now, we know power corrupts. As the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. No matter what kind of government we replace our government with, eventually it will also become corrupt. This is why the founding fathers set everything up just so we had the legal right to over throw a corrupt government. Lets not let our ancestors down, lets not leave this shit to our children to deal with, the longer we wait the harder the current government is going to make it to remove them.

I live in the Asheville area. Anyone reading this nearby please contact me so we can coordinate and get the word out here. I want everyone reading this who is in support to share this on facebook, share the youtube video, and do everything you can to spread the word about it. The Million Mask March can be successful, but we have to make it happen.

*Edit 11/3/2013
I started an Asheville event and was unable to get any support or anyone agreeing to attend, so last week with no one attending but me I went ahead and deleted it. It is not looking like there is going to be nearly enough people involved to actually take the government back, so I want to go ahead and start planning for next year as soon as this year’s event is done. The movement seems to be somewhat organized but not nearly enough to get things done, I want to get as much media and public exposure as possible so that next year maybe there will be enough people involved.