Living in North Carolina after HB2

Yes world, I am one of the backwoods, inbred, dumbass NC natives that everyone keeps talking about


I’ve lived in NC most of my life, aside from a brief time in California and Florida as a teenager. Since I was 17 I’ve lived in Black Mountain, a small town outside of Asheville. Its a beautiful state, and though there’s a lot that goes on in this state I’m not proud of it is my home.

Since HB2 passed and all of the media attention surrounding it, I have watched as people all over the world mock us. Cities in surrounding states are banning publicly funded transportation to our state, musicians are canceling tour dates (dick move springstein), businesses are canceling plans to set up in the stateĀ (bye bye Paypal) and all over the world I see posts and articles filled with people saying the meanest most hateful things about us North Carolinians. Apparently to the rest of the world I’m just some cousin fucking bible thumping moron.

The problem however is that there are a LOT of us in North Carolina who think the bill is bullshit. There are a lot of others like me who could care less who you fuck, where you shit, and how you identify and love. No coverage of the protest over the bill, the people calling out on the streets in Asheville for equality, all the rest of the world sees is the action taken by desperate politicians trying to cling to power and make their corporate masters happy. In turn, instead of support for the People of North Carolina all I see is seething hatred of every day people just because of the state we reside in, and you should all feel ashamed of yourselves. I can imagine if the Holocaust happened today, would everyone be posting about how stupid the Jews were for letting themselves get rounded up and murdered?

Why HB2 was passed

HB2 was passed purely out of ignorance and fear. The people of North Carolina didn’t pass this bill, the politicians did. The people are divided exactly how the politicians want us to be. Instead of going after the establishment, it’s every day people who are getting the brunt of the hatred of the world and being insulted and belittled at every turn is a way to make someone cling to their beliefs founded in ignorance, not to make them change their world views. When I lived in the Eastern part of the state, far from the nice liberal haven of Asheville, I saw the patterns first hand. Poor areas where all the houses are run down, landscapes littered with trailer parks, yet multi-million dollar churches on every other corner. Poverty and isolation bring desperation, and in that desperation people flock to the only comforts they can find. They’re spoonfed lies and rhetoric and misinformation, they’re taught that the “evil libtards” are trying to destroy their “simple way of life” and when they come under fire by everyone in the world with a keyboard and an opinion it reinforces those fears. The enemy is ignorance, not the people themselves, A person can only know as much as their taught, and it takes a lot more than insulting them to teach them new perspectives.

If you want an enemy, look at the establishment. The republican party all over this country is in support of NC’s republican politicians, and they aren’t getting all of their funding from within the state. You think they care if people in NC suffer from economic penalties brought about by these actions? Hell no, not when they’re funded by a national party which is funded by some of the largest corporations in the world. I was shocked to find out that Microsoft is giving the RNC a huge amount of funding and meeting all of their networking and communications needs free of charge. I was shocked when I heard Google, what comes off as such a progressive company, is funding the RNC. Yet are those the targets of worldwide hostility? No, it’s just us backwoods rednecks in North Carolina to blame and insult.

The GOP has a national majority in House and Senate, they have many states held hostage. In Kansas they passed legislation to delete the powers of the judicial branch and I’ve seen nothing of that in the news. The supreme court ruled that corporations can buy politicians for as much money as they want to, essentially making this country’s status as an oligarchy official, yet it’s the people who get blamed for the problems caused by old men clinging to power. A national problem, but we’ve found our focal point in North Carolina. That way we can all try and shift the blame from ourselves to a separate group. Meanwhile someone like Donald Trump is rising to power, congressmen are committing treason, the media is spreading lies and propaganda. So why is the world really insulting North Carolina? Because they want to think the problem isn’t their own.

republicans in a row

How to fix it?

The solution to the problem is simple, combat the ignorance. Instead of avoiding NC and talking shit about it and it’s people why not come to North Carolina and try and spread some logic and reason around? Why not help support people in North Carolina who want to make a difference but don’t have the resources? Why not go after the larger problem, the political establishment and the corrupt economic system that supports it? Stop attacking us here in NC and start attacking the real problem. Otherwise next it will be your leaders in your state and you’ll get to watch as the entire world attacks you instead of trying to help.