Interesting new community site for Asheville NC

So I have been neglecting doing much on this site for a while, but recently I’ve been busy with other projects. One project I’m quite hopeful about is The Worst of Asheville. (notice only the word asheville has the link, gotta get that indexing keyword right?).

So I know what you’re thinking, at first glance you’d think ‘what’s the big deal, there are already review sites out there’, but there is a significant although not immediately obvious difference. With review sites you are limited really to just businesses. For the business owner it’s a pain in the ass because there’s no real way to defend yourself and save your reputation or give your side of the story. For the user it’s a pain in the ass because unscrupulous businesses will simply pay for positive reviews to bury the negative reviews. This is why we have one of our important differences, there are no positive reviews. You cannot bury complaints with paid reviews because it isn’t an option. If there is a bad review you have to either live with it or communicate with the person making the complaint. This is the best part, because who are you going to think of as more reliable: the business that doesn’t say a word or the business that joins the discussion and openly addresses the issue?

We create an open dialog between consumer and business, which builds trust and maintains accountability. Another important difference, it’s not limited to businesses. You can post a complaint about local government, zoning laws, traffic and parking, anything in Asheville you think needs to be addressed and you can post it here. No need to worry about retaliation (like if you’re complaining about your boss, or if you’re complaining about your neighbor who is also a state trooper who harasses her neighbors because she’s a C U next tuesday!) because your complaints are made anonymously. Now discussion isn’t anonymous (that would get very confusing) but it only displays your chosen username so if you wish to maintain a level of anonymity then you’re good to go.

By creating the Worst of Asheville we are creating a community force, a place where everyone’s voice is heard and common issues and problems can be openly resolved. We have other features we’ll be rolling out as we go, and we’ll also begin having regular news articles on the site as well as blog posts with information on the site and what’s going on behind the scenes. Our goal is to create this site for the people, and we want the site to do as well as it possibly can. So right now, our focus is on growing our members. If you’re in the Asheville area or you have friends/family in the Asheville area, head over to the site and sign up today! It’s 100% free to join, very quick and easy (takes about 20 seconds with social media login or about 3 minutes for the regular sign up form), and tell everyone you can. The more members we have the more of a force for change we can become.

Why are you still here? Visit The Worst of Asheville today!