Aug 13

I need to prove it!

Free Energy From Water! I need your help!

I need to prove once and for all that this is not only real, it is the way to a beautiful oil-free future. What I need to do it put together an HHO generator, run a car on water, and show videos, step by step instructions, a parts list, etc.

I didn’t invent the technology, but I know how it works and I know 100% I can build it and create a working model that I can then shove down the throats of the apathetic media and general public.

What I need

I need the parts and supplies necessary to build it. I have a chevy malibu with no steering but the engine works. It’s not exactly what I’d prefer, I’d prefer an gas powered electric generator to test this on for powering a house. I need just about everything else though. I have all sorts of different tools lying around (My father in law is a mechanic and I would be able to use his tools) but I need parts and supplies. I’d estimate that I need about $300 worth of parts to get this thing working. (An extra $800 or so for a gas power electric generator would be amazing). If you can go to the donation page, and donate any amount, it can help go a long way. I wish I could afford to get the parts and supplies myself, but I can’t.

What happens next

As I build the HHO Generator I will make videos and instructions and a list of parts used, and post them publicly, for free, for anyone to use to build their own. I don’t want to profit off of this, I just want it to be used instead of ignored. What I’d like to do after I have a working model is go and start demonstrating it, build more for others, help raise money for others who want to build one and remove their dependence on the oil and power companies, and try to generate as much publicity as possible. This needs to happen, I don’t want to have to explain to my children and future grandchildren how the world could have been a better place but no one cared enough to change it. Do you want to explain it to your children?

To me, I’m basically just above dirt ass poor, so it is a lot of money to come up with. For many reading this I know that a few hundred dollars is not a lot of money. Donate what you can, help me out with this, and lets get something good going. All it would take is 20 people reading this to each donate $25 and we could get it made. Or 30 people donating $10 each even. Or one awesome as hell person donating $1k would be nice, but I seriously doubt I can ever get that lucky.



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