I called them Charlies

Shadow People – Hat Men – I called them Charlies

Only recently I found out that something I’ve been seeing since I was a child was something that was a wide known phenomenon most commonly referred to as Shadow People. When I first saw them I was very young, but then it was just glimpses, flickers in the corner. The first real experience I had came as a teenager.

I had run away from home, and after being homeless for a couple months I began staying at a friend’s house. His parents were plumbers and they had a lot of kids. They let me stay there and I did stuff around the house and helped with the kids. We were basically dirt ass poor, but it was nice, I had my own room, things were good. One night, my friend and I were messing around and found a spot on the ceiling that looked like a panel that used to lead to an attic. We got a chair, I stood on it and helped him through. We looked around inside of it, everything had some bizarre smoke damage, like there had been a fire long before his parent’s started renting the house and the previous owners had never bothered doing cleanup in the attic, instead they just sealed it off and painted over the access panel. It was no big deal, half the house was in an unfinished state of remodel anyway (looking back it was kind of a shitty house).

I don’t know if it had anything to do with the attic or not, but that night is when shit started getting weird. There was one room with the two youngest (1 and 3), one room with the two oldest sisters (around 4 and 10) one room for my friend and one small room that I think used to be a closet for me. That night, the two youngest both got up over and over again, crying and screaming not wanting to be alone. Then the 4 year old girl woke up and came into the living room and told us someone was watching her. The light was messed up in her room so we went in with a candle and me and my friend at the same time saw, just for a few seconds, a shadow of a man in a hat. It went away, and we stayed in the room with her for a little bit until she fell asleep and then we went to bed.

As the week went on things got a little weirder. Lights started blowing through the house and we had to change just about all of the light bulbs. Every night most of the people in the house saw the man in the hat at some point or another. I just assumed it was a ghost or something, my friend and I started calling it Charlie. We made light of it, made up stories about him being a guy in the mafia who was burned to death in the attic, or being a cop who was killed in the house and the house was burned to destroy evidence. But every night things got a little bit creepier. Then one night, my friend and I were watching tv and I looked in the hall. I elbowed my friend, and asked him if he saw the same things in the hall, which he did. There was more then one. There were a couple in the hall, look outside and see one flicker across the yard or past the window, some had hats most didn’t. At about that time both his little sisters came down the hall saying they were scared, both the youngest woke up crying, and we all piled into the living room and left the light on. We were scared as hell by this point, things would randomly fall, doors would mysteriously creak open, it was like this for a few more nights, and we just kept everyone on the couches at night and slept in sleep piles. A few different nights we started doing dumb shit, like calling whatever they were names, trying to summon them, then trying to banish them, feeding them and egging them on. Then one night, we were all in the living room and a fuse blew and all the lights went off. This wasn’t the first time so my friend and I lit some candles, but shit got crazy that night.

This is the part where many just roll their eyes, think I’m full of shit, the main reason I haven’t really told many people about the whole experience. We had the candles lit, and one on the kitchen table just flew like something had smacked it off the table onto the floor. My friend went down the hall toward the kitchen to put it back up and relight it, and I watched him rise off the floor and slam into the wall in the hallway three times before he fell and ran back to the living room. We managed to get his step dad to change the fuse afterward and put our last bulb in the living room, but none of us could sleep that night.

After that things simmered down some, we all agreed to ignore it all like it wasn’t even there, it was still creepy as hell but not as bad as that one night. I got arrested at school a few days later (long story there, the bitch that bore me didn’t want to get in trouble for me not being there so got one of her cop friends to make up some BS that got dropped a few days afterward, but I was still court ordered to return to the home of a parent or relative) so I’m not sure really what happened after I was gone.

Now that I know this isn’t a just-me kinda thing, and I’m at least somewhat not crazy, I figure I’ll tell my story to the world (the whole 8 or 9 people that actually read anything I put on here). Maybe someone else will find it and know that they also aren’t crazy.

Now, I have a theory as to what they are. There are energies in the universe that we still don’t completely understand, including mental and emotional energy. These shadow people are creatures not of our physical world, but made of those imperceptible energies. Being made of matter we eat matter, food. Them being made of energy they must also feed on energy. Some of the strongest emotional states that we can feel are fear, anger, rage, sadness, negative emotions. A book series I read a long time ago by Terry Brooks, Running With the Demon, had similar entities called Feeders and I believe this is actually a pretty accurate description. They feed of negative energy and believe me, there was a lot of negative energy in that house. It was our negative energy that attracted them, and when we became aware of them it was our fear that made them stronger. The more we acknowledged them the worse they got.

These and other similar beings are literally all around us. Everywhere you look, you can see them, but only if you can see them (not that that makes any damn sense). Not just the shadow people, but all sorts of entities, energies, when you train yourself to perceive these energies you can. I’ve spent many years studying the occult, various religions and spiritual beliefs, keeping myself attuned to nature and trying to perceive how things really are. There is a simple reason why most people can’t see them- their brains can’t make sense of them so just edits them out. Our brains are like computers, with a tsunami of information coming in every sensory organ at every second. The brain takes this flood of input and processes it as best as it can to make it make as much sense as possible. If your brain can’t process it, you aren’t aware of it. I’ve heard stories of native american’s not being able to see columbus’s ships, because they couldn’t fathom them. One goes something like an elder watched from a hill every day for three days trying to figure out what was having an effect on the water, before being able to see the ships right there.

When I look outside, I see what you see. I also tend to see what you don’t. Everything, and I mean everything, has a slight haze of of energy waves all around it, through it, a part of it but separate. Then there are hazy images of the same energy that isn’t attached to something physical. Shapeless forms drifting through the forest, people like silhouettes of shadows and energy flickering in and out of view. I’ve gotten pretty used to ignoring most of it, so these days I don’t really notice much unless I try, but when I try it’s always there.

Look around you right now, don’t concentrate on anything in particular. Peer through your peripheral vision. Keep your mind open to the concept of the possibility of this other world all around you. Do you see it yet?