How to really hurt em, go off grid!

I’ve posted here before about alternative energy, if you haven’t read about my HHO Generator project check out THIS POST and THIS POST. (Still need donations, broke as hell here so have zero parts I need).

This post is about alternative energy and how much easier it is than you might think to go completely off grid. I’ll be doing some of these things myself once I have the funds.

Solar PanelsFirst, lets talk about solar panels. Most people think about solar panels and they think it would be a huge investment and they would break easily, etc. You look around for buying solar panels and the general price you find is around $500 for a 12V panel. What if I told you it wasn’t nearly that expensive if you built it yourself? I found the instructions HERE, step by step instructions on how to build a 60 watt panel. The cost for it is just over $100, build one every month and in a few months you get paid by the power company instead of paying them!

Wind TurbineMaybe you don’t get a lot of sunshine. Where I live is about 50 50 on whether it’s going to be cloudy or not, so you need something else. Well, try building a wind turbine! Personally, I have an experimet I want to try. If you plug a fan into a wall, the motor will turn electricity into motion and move your fan. If you turn the fan yourself, the motor will turn the mechanical energy into electricity. I plan on getting as many messed up fans as I can find and making a ton of mini wind mills and seeing how much power I can generate. I also want to build a big one though, so I found another DIY instructable. I love instructables by the way, here is a link for how to build a 1000 watt wind turbine. It doesn’t have a parts and price list like the one for solar panels did, but I looked up the prices for some of the things needed. You can get 5lbs of the copper wire for about $70 and a dozen 2×1 n50 magnets for about $110. The wheel bearings are about $20, and you’ll need a 3 phase rectifier which is around $10 or so. Mount on a pole and enjoy :D. When I get around to my fan experiment I’ll let you know how that goes too.

There are a lot of things out there that can not only save you money on energy, but also help save the environment and help stick it to the power/energy/oil companies. Now, a side note about the HHO project, I just found This Page that goes a lot more in depth on the history of HHO generators and how they have been suppressed for more than 20 years.

Go on google and search, you will find tons of information out there. You just have to read, think and act. (Like the Pandagravy FB page says). Engage your brains everyone, think of every day problems you have and look for ways to solve them. You’ll be surprised what knowledge is out there and not utilized.