Guess what they found in the water

The Pacunutbiter fish-Pacu

The Pacu is a vegetarian cousin of the Piranha, it’s teeth aren’t as sharp but it does look menacing doesn’t it?

This fish is a South American Native, but was discovered by a fisherman in Scandinavia. (Clicking the image will take you the article on CNN where I found this gem). Now, I don’t know what it is doing in Scandinavia, but here’s the best part.

This fish is infamous for biting testicles! It loves chomping nuts, and isn’t exactly skilled with telling the difference between nuts from a tree or nuts from an unlucky swimmer going by. Moral of the story- Skinny-dipping may not be such a good idea.

Before you go, I just want you to think about this- imagine swimming around, minding your own business, and those perfect chompers clamping down on your junk.

Have fun swimming the rest of this summer! 😀