Gendercide now in US?!

Ok, I’m not sure if you have heard of the gendercide issues in Asia and India, but if you haven’t then here’s an excellent project that could use some support and donations-

To sum things up, in those countries it is so preferred to have a boy than a girl in their culture for some reason that baby girls are either aborted or murdered after being born. Those that are spared are often neglected to death, sold into slavery, or the few that get lucky enough to grow up and get married and be forced to have the same happen to their daughters.

I am not sure what the hell is wrong with a society that hates their own females, or any person individually or any group that thinks it’s ok to smother or slit the throat of a baby just because it’s a girl. I mean it goes against every bit of human nature, in our history entire wars have been fought, people have gladly laid down their lives, over females. Girls have been known in the past to be stolen by other groups who have a shortage of females. It is ingrained in our DNA to protect and cherish girls. So how in the hell could anyone allow a society to get so twisted that it becomes the exact opposite?

I was appalled enough when I discovered these things going on overseas, but I am disgusted to now discover that this is beginning to be a problem in the rest of the world. If you look visit it turns out Australia is now having a problem, and I have today discovered that it is also a problem right here in the United States. I am ashamed to say I am a citizen in a country that will tolerate gendercide.

You can tell from my first post here that I am pro life, I adamantly disagree with abortion being in any way necessary outside of a child who will be born with severe disabilities or one whose birth will result in the death of the mother or child. It is not a womans rights issue, it is a human rights issue. But this takes the cake.

Pro Choice people like to think their decision to support the murder of unborn babies is pro woman, but how can it be pro woman now if it is turning into a way to eliminate females from even being born? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Girls are every bit as important and valuable as boys (maybe even moreso, I would be more likely to come to the aid of a female than a male) but in order to not cause a stir with their pro choice decision, apparently pro choicers would rather look the other way and not bother to find what their reasons are to kill their babies. That way they don’t make it hard for exchanging of money for the murder of a child.
Don’t believe that gendercide is being totally supported by abortion clinics? Watch these videos of investigations into abortion clinics then-

I am about to start another post about something else I have just found out about- Planned Parenthood’s aiding and covering up for underage sex slaves and their pimps, human trafficking, etc.