Aug 10

Free Energy for the World

Ok, this is basically a continuation of my last post.

There exists the technology to completely bypass any need for oil or destructive forms of energy production. The bi-product is water, it is a clean renewable energy and it is insane that the entire world isn’t already powered by it.

HHO GeneratorThis little picture is a (very rough) design illustrating how the device would work. A battery with 36v powers the splitting of water into HHO. The HHO is then piped into the fuel tank of the generator, which generates electricity. Some of that electricity leads back to recharge the battery, the rest goes to the home (or whatever you are powering) and you are running your house on water.

A more compact design that could fit into the trunk of a car, and then the HHO piped into the gas tank of the car, would make it so your car runs on water. Could you imagine filling a tank with water instead of gas before going to work or where ever else every day?

Now, to be honest, I haven’t been able to actually build one of these, so it may need some tweaking to get it to work. (I just happen to be pretty broke and unable to afford the supplies). It may take a little more voltage, or an added electrolyte to the water (such as baking soda) and the whole thing can probably be worked on to make it more efficient and use as little water as possible so you can drive longer distances without having to add more water. If it needs an added electrolyte the solution will be as simple as the sprayers you can attach to your garden hose to spray a measured amount of miracle grow. The larger version for a house also needs an automated means to refill, like a floater arm in the tank so when water level drops it refills from an attached water hose.

Just visit the Donate to Pandagravy page and help me out! I need funds to be able to get some working models made so I can give away the designs.

The reason I am posting this here is simple- I want this to be publicly available. I don’t want some company to get the patent and either sell it for an extraordinary amount of money or sit on it to protect their oil interests. Fuck them, I want every single person in the world to be able to give a big middle finger to the oil companies.

I’m going to start a new facebook page for Energy from Water to see if maybe I can get some more attention, please like, share, talk about this. If no one does anything nothing will get done, change begins with each and every one of us. Being apathetic is the same as cutting the throat of your own children (or children of family members if you have no children).

Donate to Pandagravy now so I can get the supplies I need to get some of these built! Free energy is not just a dream, it’s a suppressed technology that needs to be given to the public!