Evolution is NOT a theory

evolutionI want to clear something up once and for all, evolution is not a theory. To all of the Christians who keep coming at me and posting about evolution only being a “theory” that we “believe” please allow me to correct you’re very incorrectly held assumption.

What you are calling a theory is the theory of human evolution. That part yes, is a theory, but only because we have yet to uncover the exact steps from point A to point B. This doesn’t mean that creationism has equal value.

Evolution itself is not a theory. Evolution as a process can be seen, measured and observed. We know evolution is a naturally occurring process, an organism adapting to it’s environment over generations. We can watch the process with animals with short life spans (fruit flies for example), we can see the process between different varieties of the same animals or flowers that have adapted differently to different environments, we can even see the process in humans. Thousands of years ago most people were lactose intolerant, yet our species has adapted and evolved and now most of us aren’t. Evolution is a fact, not a theory. Although we don’t know the exact steps of our own evolution, we know for a fact that it has occurred and is still occurring.


There is a vast amount of things we don’t know yet, but that does not invalidate what we do know and can observe. For millennia the beliefs and views of the universe of humanity changed and evolved. Our ancient ancestors were convinced that men in the sky caused lightening, our ancient ancestors were convinced that supernatural entities caused people to drown or storms to appear. As our knowledge of the world around us changed so did our beliefs. Then when monotheism came around, it greatly slowed the process. Monotheism is a perfect blend of politics and beliefs, monotheism makes things black and white, right and wrong, do as you’re told or be punished. Monotheism became law, enforced with painful and deadly force, and since then instead of humans advancing their belief systems they simply cling to those from before. Why do we need to cling to the viewpoints of people who didn’t know a fraction of what we know today? If believing in something means you have to be in denial of new information rather than accepting that new information and adapting accordingly then those beliefs are harmful rather than helpful. Those beliefs are restricting your development both mentally and spiritually, which is the exact opposite of what you intend them to do.