Aug 08

Energy from water

Before anything else, I just want you to think about something.

How different would the world be if all of a sudden all of our energy needs could be met without having to use oil, natural gas, coal, and we could produce our own electricity and power our own cars with an endless supply.

Some things, easy, the oil companies and power companies would go out of business, but think farther. Food cost is heavily influenced by the cost to transport it. Now you just have to pay the driver, forget the gas, so food prices would plummet. The cost of building would go down drastically, so perhaps it would cost less to buy a home. There would be a drastic cut in global warming, since the pollution from coal and oil wouldn’t be necessary. There would be no more endless debates on drilling for oil vs protecting nature. The middle east would have a hell of a lot less funding for their craziness. So many aspects of every day life for everyone would be drastically different, cost of living would go down an insane amount, you feel like taking a road trip and don’t have to worry about gas money and food for the trip is dirt cheap. It would be a golden age, and so much of our resources and money that went into oil and energy could go into other things, like research and rebuilding our withering infrastructure.

Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? Sounds like that would be the most awesome thing in the world. The instant that kind of technology was available it would be on headlines everywhere, there’d be crowds celebrating, it’d be epic. Right?

What if I told you that technology already exists, that it has existed for at least 20 years? What if I told you that the government and powers that be have deemed it more important to protect the earnings of the oil company execs and save the jobs that would be lost from the shutting down power and oil companies than to give clean oil-free energy to the masses?

Well it does, and they did.
HHO gas is what you get when you split water, it’s Hydrogen and Oxygen. When HHO gas is burned, the biproduct is WATER, so no pollution. With about 36 volts you can split water into HHO, the equivalent of 3 car batteries. If you were to take HHO gas, and pipe it directly into the gas tank of a car, once you got the air mix right you could run the car off of that HHO gas. The same works if you pump it into a gas powered generator, pump the HHO into the fuel tank, get the air mix right, and it’ll run.

So, you get a big ol water tank. You put in the electrodes, seal the container, and have a pipe coming out of the top. Have the electrodes attached to 3 car batteries wired in a line so you have the voltage necessary to split the water. Have the pipe coming from the top connect to a 3 way valve with an adjustable flow, have one opening stay open and the other go to a pipe going directly into a gas tank of a generator. Now, as that HHO gas comes out it’ll go down to the valve, mix with the air (the more open the open valve is turned the more air it will mix with) and go into the tank. Start the engine, keep adjusting the air mix (how open the valve is) until the motor starts. Now you have an engine running off of 3 car batteries and water, not a drop of gasoline is burned, and the engine is running. Now, take a small amount of the power produced by that generator and run it back to the battery line so it stays charged. Now the engine is running off of water. An electric generator, running off of WATER! Make it even better, take a toilet floater set up and put it in the water tank, with a hose running to the tank so it refills every time the water level goes down. Now you don’t even have to go and refill the tank yourself, so you have a generator running off of water, and you don’t even need to go refill it yourself. ARE YOU READING THIS?! RUNNING OFF OF WATER!

As an added bonus, did you know that if you produce your own energy and don’t use all of it the power company has to pay you for it? Say you have a windmill set up, solar panels maybe and you produce more than you use, the power company has to pay you for that energy. So you set up 2 or 3 of these things and you’re running on a well then you are making money and powering your home for free. Even if you run on city water, set up rain collectors or something. The possibilities are there, tons of them, probably a lot more than I have thought of, but the important thing is THIS TECHNOLOGY EXISTS!

So do yourself, the rest of the world, and your future descendants a favor and pass this along, build one, share the instructions, tell everyone you can. What I want to do is build it, use it for myself, tweak it so it uses as little water as possible and is as convenient as possible, and GIVE THE DESIGN AND BLUEPRINTS AWAY! Make it free and available for everyone. Because if I give it away and can get the word out then even when the oil companies and power companies hire someone to permanently shut me up it will be too late to stop the dominoes from falling. Too late to stop the public from knowing they are toiling every day for gas money and there’s no reason for it.

The government, banks, company owners, they are terrified of the outcome because it hurts their pockets, but forget about them and think long term and how much good it will do for the world to have this technology known and widely available, to eliminate the need for oil. To eliminate your power bill.

If this sounds like something you want, a future you want to see, then share this post. Tell your friends about it. Talk about it. Build it, donate the supplies and materials to me or someone near you who can build it to build it if you don’t want to or can’t. Help spread this along, and lets see if we can make the world a place worth passing down to our kids.