Don’t Call Me a Republican!

I realize that since I made my first post about being against abortions, most people who read the posts here seem to think I am a republican. This comes as a shock to people who know me personally who think I’m a democrat. The truth is, I’m not either one. I think the entire republican vs democrat thing is a joke. Standpoints on issues arbitrarily paired with each other more than a hundred years ago that everyone seems to be force fed by the media as the only viable issues. And in truth, when it comes to politics and voting, they unfortunately are the only options that aren’t a waste of a vote.

Just for the hell of it I did a search to see just exactly what the difference was between the two. Basically I just kept getting results that all pretty much matched the results HERE. (I chose this one to use because it’s got a nice little side by side chart.) Then I find myself personally zig zagging across that list and I realize, they aren’t related issues. Why would I have to be pro choice just because I think my best friend has the right to marry whoever he wants? Why would I have to want less money spent on national defense just because I want a tax system that charges more from people with the means to pay more?

If I had to choose the lesser of two evils I’d do like I did when I voted both times for Obama. If I had things my way, there wouldn’t be these two groups of extremes that would rather everyone suffer and nothing get done than them bend on any one of their arbitrarily assigned platforms. Honestly though, the part that gets me the most about the whole damned thing, is this:

There are people that get paid by large companies and private interest groups to wait outside of congress and bribe senators and congressmen to vote their way on an issue. These bribes can be cash, favors, or whatever else, but usually cash. This is looked at as perfectly alright and just how the system works, these scumbags are called Lobbyists. If you had enough money, you could pay someone to stand there with a briefcase full of money and bribe you some votes for anything you wanted. Republicans and Democrats both take money from the same companies for votes, so really does it matter which you are when whoever is there is getting bribed by someone else to do what they want?

So, don’t call me a republican. I am a pro life supporter of gay rights who wants tiered tax rates and money spent to protect our country. I recognize that global warming is a problem and I hope for more eco-friendly energy but I don’t want guns to be illegal. I think that drugs should be legalized and taxed like crazy and I think that every Man Woman and Child has the right to a home, food, and with the amount of total wealth in our country there is no excuse for anyone in our Great America to be hungry or wanting for anything. I believe that government needs to stay our of our private lives altogether, but at the same time if there wasn’t a need for a government to run things there wouldn’t have been one to begin with. If you can pick either republican or democrat out of that, then let me know.