Dark Energy- Science’s Cop-out

Dark Energy- What it really means to current scientific theory

Uhm..... Dark Energy?In case you don’t know what dark energy is (Even if you do it’s probably been made out to be way over complicated) Dark Energy is a mysterious force that causes the universe to expand faster than it should. This mysterious force can’t be seen, detected, measured, felt, in fact the only reason scientists know it exists is because without it Big Bang theory wouldn’t work…. Wait, what?

That’s right, Dark Energy is nothing more than a cop out. ¬†According to Big Bang theory, the expansion of the universe should gradually slow down until it stops expanding. The inertia of the initial explosion would eventually run out, so the universe’s expanding should be slowing down. They found out in 98 and 99 exactly the opposite. The expansion of the universe not only isn’t slowing down, it is accelerating. To justify this acceleration that goes completely against what should be happening were the big bang theory correct, scientists looked around the room and grasping at straws said “Because maybe there’s a…. uhm….. Dark Energy? Yes, that’s it a dark energy”.


A man dies and after the preliminary investigation, they think the guy killed himself. There’s no sign of a struggle, a bullet in the chest, and a gun in their hand. Looks like they shot themselves in the chest. Using better technology though, they discover later on that there is no gunpowder residue on the corpses hands, and ballistics shows that the shot had to have been from 10 ft away. So, the investigator changes theories.

With Dark Matter, it’s like the investigator finding the new evidence and then saying “It’s still a suicide, but maybe demons pulled the trigger?” and then going on an investigation into demonology.

So why aren’t scientists looking into other possibilities?

Why don’t they just say, “Yup, big bang wasn’t right, lets come up with something else”? ¬†It’s simple- these people have based their entire careers on Big Bang theory being a fact. Some have expanded on the big bang, some have come up with huge other theories that would only be possible if the big bang were accurate. If mainstream science was to admit that the Big Bang never happened and maybe they aren’t so sure about the origins of the universe it would make a lot of scientists look bad. So many of today’s cutting edge theories are based on the assumption that Big Bang is accurate, and mainstream science isn’t ready or willing yet to admit their ignorance.

Ok Mr. Smartass, if not the Big Bang, then what?

pouring the universeI’m glad you asked (well, I asked myself and assume you want to read what I think, lol). I call it the Well Spring Theory (I know, the name sucks, but it’s better than the bathtub theory which is what I was also considering).

The Universe wasn’t just spontaneously created, it is continuously being both created and destroyed. I think that Space itself is a substance of it’s own with similar properties as a fluid. It’s not mass or energy but a different classification all of it’s own, and that space is the fluid that the universe is suspended in. (This would also solve another problem, which is where the hell does gravity come from). Every object displaces the fluid of space and just like a ship sinking in water, other objects are drawn towards a much larger object’s displacement. Black Holes are tears between two or more universes (the fluid of space displaces too far), where space and everything floating in it gets sucked in, compressed, and blasted out into the another universe. As space flows into our universe (carrying everything in that space) it pushes the rest of space outwards from that wellspring. The reason the expansion is accelerating is because it’s all moving towards a drain (you’ll have to forget about looking at the shape of the universe in three dimensional terms for this to make sense) and the closer the universe gets to the drain the faster it moves to get there. Also, black holes at the center of galaxies are slowly draining into a different universe, most likely a small newer universe since the well spring would be much smaller. I think as those tears stay open and space passes through them, they widen making the drain suck faster which would also be a reason for the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. Like if you stab a hole in the side of an above ground pool, as the water pours out the pressure widens the hole and it drains even faster.

Now, this explanation to me makes a lot more sense, and logically since it’s a simpler answer it is more likely to be accurate. So we could either go on this, or we could continue thinking that everything that ever is, was, and will be was spontaneously exploded into existence, and that a Genie showed up and made dark energy so it would expand faster instead of slowing down.