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Oct 18

Inter-dimensional sexual deviants

So trending on facebook I noticed a video of an “Indonesian Bigfoot” sighting. Although to me it doesn’t exactly look like the typical bigfoot description and quick search of the regions folklore and I think I have the answer, we’re dealing with dimension hopping sexual deviants.

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Sep 28

Republicans need to drop the PC thing

Republicans really are the LAST group that need to be rallying against political correctness and there’s a fundamental (to the republican party) reason why.

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Aug 07

Evolution is NOT a theory

I want to clear something up once and for all, evolution is not a theory. To all of the Christians who keep coming at me and posting about evolution only being a “theory” that we “believe” please allow me to correct you’re very incorrectly held assumption.

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Aug 05

Is religion a mental disorder?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it lately, and I really think that religion should be classified as a mental disorder and I’ll as briefly as possible try and explain why.

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Jun 27

Religion is bullshit now fuck off

Alright world, you asked for it now I’m delivering. I am so tired of the bullshit fighting and arguing over which version of bullshit is the correct bullshit. I am so tired of seeing assholes try and guilt each other for an AMEN so they can feel like they’re better people. So tired of the …

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Dec 10

War on Religion

There seems to be more and more growing movements of atheists who seem to be taking it on themselves to declare an all out war on religion and spirituality. They get the best of both worlds, they can proclaim they aren’t a religion while at the same time doing their best to do exactly what …

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