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May 31

The polarization effect

Recently I’ve seen a lot of complaints about various social media and websites becoming to polarized. People who are more conservative claiming facebook is to far left, people who are more liberal claiming sites like reddit are becoming too far right. Youtube and it’s current shenanigans of keeping advertising funding from youtubers who are atheist, …

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Oct 18

Inter-dimensional sexual deviants

So trending on facebook I noticed a video of an “Indonesian Bigfoot” sighting. Although to me it doesn’t exactly look like the typical bigfoot description and quick search of the regions folklore and I think I have the answer, we’re dealing with dimension hopping sexual deviants.

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Oct 15

Trouble is Brewing and No One Cares

There is some serious trouble brewing and if you think it’s only about Hillary and Trump then hold on to your fucking hats. I’m not sure who the winner will be, so I’m not sure which players will be called Hero, but I can already tell you who is going to lose.

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Aug 17

Zombie Attacks, Seriously?

I found some interesting news today that reminded me of some news a few years back, and it’s looking pretty insane. Are there seriously zombies? I’m sure you’re sure the answer is no, but read this and then tell me if you feel the same.

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Aug 07

Worship of the Military

There is a disturbing trend here in the United States that I don’t really know how to approach. The reverence and practical worship of anyone in the military. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect what they do and┬áthe position they fill in our society is a necessary one, but it’s to a point of …

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Jul 18

Ants are more evolved than us

I’ve always been extremely interested in ants. We have a love hate relationship, outdoors I think they’re awesome but indoors they’re enemies that must be eliminated. I believe ants are actually more evolved than we are, and I have a theory on ants that very well could blow your mind. Ants are a more advanced …

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Jul 17

Nice France Trucks Vs. Guns

Ok I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook chatter about how the event in Nice shows that gun control laws are dumb, good ol Newt Gingrich is trying to get his big old head in the media more lately and he came out sarcastically saying he expected Obama to make a speech soon about truck …

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May 29

Stop Repeating

This message of this post is quite simple; stop repeating┬álies you think are true. Form your own opinions instead of being fed someone else’s. Every day you see it and hear it and read it. Someone repeating false information, someone sharing an absurd meme on facebook pushing propaganda for one side or the other, and …

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Jan 19

Dark Energy- Science’s Cop-out

Uhm..... Dark Energy?

Dark Energy- What it really means to current scientific theory In case you don’t know what dark energy is (Even if you do it’s probably been made out to be way over complicated) Dark Energy is a mysterious force that causes the universe to expand faster than it should. This mysterious force can’t be seen, …

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Dec 13

All about me

I know a lot of people who read this don’t really know much about me personally. Friends on line, friends in person, there are very few who actually know much about me and my personal history. Sure they know me, what I like and dislike, know my personality, but the number of people who truly …

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