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Oct 18

Inter-dimensional sexual deviants

So trending on facebook I noticed a video of an “Indonesian Bigfoot” sighting. Although to me it doesn’t exactly look like the typical bigfoot description and quick search of the regions folklore and I think I have the answer, we’re dealing with dimension hopping sexual deviants.

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Aug 17

Zombie Attacks, Seriously?

I found some interesting news today that reminded me of some news a few years back, and it’s looking pretty insane. Are there seriously zombies? I’m sure you’re sure the answer is no, but read this and then tell me if you feel the same.

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Oct 17

I called them Charlies

Shadow People – Hat Men – I called them Charlies Only recently I found out that something I’ve been seeing since I was a child was something that was a wide known phenomenon most commonly referred to as Shadow People. When I first saw them I was very young, but then it was just glimpses, …

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