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Jul 17

Inflation for the poor

I’m writing this to point out something that is quite disturbing now that I’ve given it significant thought. Its something insidious, sinister and totally unnoticed by most of society. For years, you’ve been hearing how the economy is getting worse, people more and more are unable to afford to survive yet this is all during …

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Dec 26

A new approach to the economy

So I was out the other day doing some shopping and something suddenly occurred to me that made me rush home and immediately start adding things up to check. We can very easily turn around the American economy (and the whole world economy) with what appears to be a too good to be true plan …

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Aug 10

GMOs are a distraction

It occurs to me that GMOs are kind of a distraction when it comes to food quality concerns people have. Is it just me, or are GMOs the bad guys the media are allowed to cover to distract from the worse bad guys?

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May 29

Stop Repeating

This message of this post is quite simple; stop repeating┬álies you think are true. Form your own opinions instead of being fed someone else’s. Every day you see it and hear it and read it. Someone repeating false information, someone sharing an absurd meme on facebook pushing propaganda for one side or the other, and …

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May 19

How does wealth create poverty?

I saw someone ask earlier “How does one person’s wealth contribute to creating poverty?” So I thought I’d write about it here. Currency is something that was created long long ago as a way to aid trade. A person with a surplus of say peppers wants some wool from a person with a surplus of …

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Apr 12

Living in North Carolina after HB2

Yes world, I am one of the backwoods, inbred, dumbass NC natives that everyone keeps talking about I’ve lived in NC most of my life, aside from a brief time in California and Florida as a teenager. Since I was 17 I’ve lived in Black Mountain, a small town outside of Asheville. Its a beautiful …

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Jan 16

Net Neutrality

So, net neutrality has been struck down. Verizon successfully sued and got it struck down by a three judge panel, on the grounds that since the FCC doesn’t classify broadband as a telecommunications service it can’t hold it to telecommunications restrictions. To sum it up, ISPs that were forced before to treat all websites equally …

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Dec 02

Misleading by Agreeing

Left or Right, what's in the middle is beautiful

Today’s post is about a problem we as a country face other than our government. Yes, we know the government is corrupt, and we know that whichever side we vote for they are all being controlled by the same people. (If you don’t know that, then you must not have read previous posts). There is …

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Nov 13

Time for a Change

No matter how many times a nickle is flipped, whether you call heads or tails or even the statistic impossibility of it landing on it’s side, it’s still going to be a nickle. You can argue about whether it should be on heads, or on tails. You can place it on either side you want, …

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Nov 12

The problem with food stamps

Good Food

Strolling around the interweb today, I found a post on the Washington Post┬áthat got me thinking. Would it not save money on other benefits if food benefits were better? When you get food stamps, I would know, there is no possible way to stretch the amount you get to feed a family anything but junk. …

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