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Jan 22

The Cure for Gay- Would you take it?

Gay B Gone- Would you use a cure for gay?

I am going to start off this post with one statement- I am in no way intolerant of gay people. My best friend is gay, and to me a person’s sexuality is their own business. I found an article today that raised some interesting questions and information so I thought I’d talk about it here. …

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May 30

Some People Don’t Deserve Rights

Ok, I am one to always say everyone deserves their rights. But there is a small group of our society that this does not apply to, and that is child molesters. Child molesters do NOT deserve privacy, they do NOT deserve to move into a neighborhood unannounced, and there is NOT enough being done to …

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May 24

Comfortable Exposure- My pre education theory

I call it Comfortable Exposure Have you noticed that every generation seems to be a little smarter than the last? No, I’m not saying old people are dumb, don’t start getting offended. No, for example in my early childhood I learned things that in my parent’s day were more advanced. Technology had advanced, society had …

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