Jul 14

Blood on our Hands

We all have blood on our hands. Every person in the courtroom where George Zimmerman was found guilty, every person in the media who made it a circus instead of the open and shut case it should have been, every person who hears about the verdict and isn’t totally and completely outraged, every person who is outraged and does and says nothing, we all have the blood of Trayvon on our hands.

Blood on All our HandsI’ve seen “progressive” sites trying to turn it into a “gun control” debate. I’ve seen many many places making it out to be a racial equality debate. But you know what it’s really about? It’s about the prejudice of one determining whether another deserves to live. It’s about the now precedence that if your prejudice of another person at any time makes you frightened of that person then it is them who don’t deserve life.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. – Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK was a brilliant Man. He saw social injustices, civil right injustices, and he did what he could to change it. Some may think it was only an end of segregation he was fighting for, the rights of all blacks to be equal to everyone else. It was so much more than that. MLK wanted freedom and equality for everyone. Every race, religion, class, viewpoint and opinion. As our country becomes more and more embroiled in a civil rights clash not only between races but between classes, I ask where is our MLK now? Where is the voice of the people? There are voices and opinions all over the internet, using the case to push their own agendas, whether it be anti gun people wanting to use it to boost their argument or people wanting to boost their argument about racism in America. Where is the voice of solidarity of the people? Where is that voice that says whatever you believe, a great injustice has been done to the family of Trayvon and everyone in America?

We try to act enlightened. We try to act like we are above the problems of our past, but is there really a difference between the way blacks were treated by whites back then and the way the poor are treated by the wealthy today? Stand Up People! So many angry voices of inaction. During the civil rights movement whole crowds of people would stand up to the injustices of the time, yet in our “enlightened” times where are the crowds? Where is the strength of the people? Grave injustices are happening all around us and the general consent is that there is nothing we can do about it, “What can one person do?”

I for one have had it. As soon as I can get the money to go I am going to Florida. I am going to take as many people as I can with me. Zimmerman may not be criminally accountable now for his actions, but he can be sued in civil court and still be held accountable in some fashion. In a civil court where stand your ground doesn’t matter, he mistakenly took the life of an innocent child based on his bigotry and misconceptions, and should be held responsible for that. I am going to do what I can to pursue some form of Justice, and I am going to do what I can to pursue an end to the legal loophole that he managed to slither down to escape accountability for his actions. I honestly don’t know how, I’m no legal expert. I’m not really an expert of any kind. I’m damn sure no MLK. I am a person of limited means, I don’t have money even for gas but I will find it. My only hope is that maybe someone who does have the means to make a change and a difference will see me trying and help. I may waste my time, I may end up getting nothing accomplished, but I am going to try as soon as I can.

So, who will try with me? Who will go to Florida with me and make a stand? (Maybe even give me a ride).

Its got to start somewhere, maybe I can’t do anything about it but maybe I can.

About the Case:

If you go HERE you can hear the entire phone call Zimmerman made to police.

You can clearly hear Zimmerman get out of his vehicle and begin chasing after Trayvon. You can clearly hear the cop tell him not to on the phone while Zimmerman continues running and just says “yeah”. As he’s abut to get out of the car, he angrily exclaims “These Assholes always get away with it”. That shows an emotional state of hostility and anger, which shows motivation.

Witness testimony varies, some say it was Zimmerman on top in the end, others say it was Trayvon on top in the end. Either way, Zimmerman chased down a child, the child defended himself, and the child was shot in the chest. Zimmerman chased down and assaulted a child and shot him in the heart by all accounts except for his own, and is now free. #tragic