May 24

Don’t Call Me a Republican!

I realize that since I made my first post about being against abortions, most people who read the posts here seem to think I am a republican. This comes as a shock to people who know me personally who think I’m a democrat. The truth is, I’m not either one. I think the entire republican vs democrat thing is a joke. Standpoints on issues arbitrarily paired with each other more than a hundred years ago that everyone seems to be force fed by the media as the only viable issues. And in truth, when it comes to politics and voting, they unfortunately are the only options that aren’t a waste of a vote.

Just for the hell of it I did a search to see just exactly what the difference was between the two. Basically I just kept getting results that all pretty much matched the results HERE. (I chose this one to use because it’s got a nice little side by side chart.) Then I find myself personally zig zagging across that list and I realize, they aren’t related issues. Why would I have to be pro choice just because I think my best friend has the right to marry whoever he wants? Why would I have to want less money spent on national defense just because I want a tax system that charges more from people with the means to pay more?

If I had to choose the lesser of two evils I’d do like I did when I voted both times for Obama. If I had things my way, there wouldn’t be these two groups of extremes that would rather everyone suffer and nothing get done than them bend on any one of their arbitrarily assigned platforms. Honestly though, the part that gets me the most about the whole damned thing, is this:

There are people that get paid by large companies and private interest groups to wait outside of congress and bribe senators and congressmen to vote their way on an issue. These bribes can be cash, favors, or whatever else, but usually cash. This is looked at as perfectly alright and just how the system works, these scumbags are called Lobbyists. If you had enough money, you could pay someone to stand there with a briefcase full of money and bribe you some votes for anything you wanted. Republicans and Democrats both take money from the same companies for votes, so really does it matter which you are when whoever is there is getting bribed by someone else to do what they want?

So, don’t call me a republican. I am a pro life supporter of gay rights who wants tiered tax rates and money spent to protect our country. I recognize that global warming is a problem and I hope for more eco-friendly energy but I don’t want guns to be illegal. I think that drugs should be legalized and taxed like crazy and I think that every Man Woman and Child has the right to a home, food, and with the amount of total wealth in our country there is no excuse for anyone in our Great America to be hungry or wanting for anything. I believe that government needs to stay our of our private lives altogether, but at the same time if there wasn’t a need for a government to run things there wouldn’t have been one to begin with. If you can pick either republican or democrat out of that, then let me know.

May 22

Why the US Legal System is a JOKE

Ok, sure, we all know that the laws and the people who make them are corrupt, but do you know what it is in my opinion that totally takes the cake? The part of the corruption that has every man, woman, and child old enough to watch over their shoulder for police on a daily basis?

When you go to court, be it for a traffic ticket, possession of whatever, or any number of things, theoretically you are going to get a fair and balanced decision from whatever judge hears the case. Judges are supposed to remove themselves if a case somehow brings up a conflict of interest, such as being related to the defendant or somehow involved in the case outside of the courtroom. Well, I can prove to you right here and now that this is 100% not the case. Not most of the time, not in certain cases, but every single case heard by every single judge every single day there is a judge who by all rights should hold himself in contempt for remaining in that seat. Here’s why-

A Big Ol’ Fat Ass Paycheck

Every single time someone in that court room gets to pay court costs, that courthouse and that Judge make money. Every single guilty verdict is a PAID INCENTIVE! So every single case heard, the Judge has a personal interest in calling you guilty. I’ve sat in the courtroom for a ticket many times, and even the people they drop charges on the Judge remembers to say “Dismissed with court costs” so they STILL have to pay! Isn’t that technically the same as a judge taking a bribe to make a decision the way you want?

I was also surprised to see this little tidbit, for each set of court costs, the officer who charged you gets $5. So basically, that cops salary not being enough, they get $5 a pop if they can catch someone doing something slightly out of the way. Is that what is meant by “protect and serve”? Now, does that encourage a cop to be a good citizen, doing what he can to help others, protect the rights of civilians in their district, and maintain law and order? NO! It encourages police to stalk innocent people like prey, looking for the slightest infraction. Let me ask you this- How many times, not including times you’ve been pulled over, have you ever accidentally swerved, or accidentally gone a little too fast, or accidentally forgot to turn on your blinkers? We’re human, we make mistakes here and there. Cops are paid to catch those mistakes while ignoring other offenses going on ALL THE TIME because those would take more effort.

I mean seriously, every single person reading this knows at least one place, building, street, parking lot, etc. where illegal things are happening all the time. Those bad neighborhoods that people generally try to stay away from. Those “whore strolls” where random women work the streets. It is OBVIOUS but would take effort for a police officer. Instead of going through those places and making them safer, they park around blind curves, under overhangs, etc looking for someone making a simple mistake. And God Forbid if you don’t have enough money to pay your insurance on time, suddenly your tag is dead and you can’t drive your car without going to jail. All for money, all done without regard for the unlucky citizen who in these current economic times NEED that money they are getting raped for.

Judges are paid to find us guilty, Cops are paid to find us making a mistake, and good luck making it through a year without at least once being raped by your local legal system for $300 or more.

May 20

Randomness plus Star Trek Renegades

So, yesterday I was running to my little goblin terrorists to separate their fight to the death. I didn’t notice the sleeping bag they had put on the floor so as I slid across the living room my foot went under the couch and wedged there, my knee bent backwards, I twisted around to get my foot free and ended up landing on my neck. Leg feels like rubber and can’t move my neck. The good news is that they stopped fighting because they were so busy laughing at me and poking me with various objects.

What the hell is wrong with Fox? Firefly was such an awesome frakking show but not only did they not bring it back for a second season, they only aired 11 of the 14 episodes! That show was so awesome and so well liked, and still has a large following today, they would have had a star trek like fan empire bringing in tons of money and merchandise sales. Instead they ended it and threw away their chance at something awesome. I guess the only thing fox wants to have worth a damn is cartoons.

JJ Abrams, if you are reading this then go F*&K yourself just like you F^%ked Star Trek. For that you will burn in hell for all eternity.
I want Star Trek Renegades to happen, I grew up in a time of 3 different treks going, TNG, Voyager, and DS9. It was beautiful. I can’t imagine my kids growing up without a Star Trek series going. It gave me something to aspire too, an outlook on the future of humanity to hope for. Unlike star wars which is a fantasy where you have to have super powers to do any good to in the universe, in Star Trek you just have to be a good person and quick thinking and you can do anything.

Star Trek Renegades has to happen and anyone who agrees needs to help get the word out as much as possible so they can get more funding and hopefully get the show on the air!

Now if only they would bring back Firefly and Farscape……. And don’t even get me started on how pissed I am that they never did an Enterprise movie, and they damn well should have done a DS9 Movie. The TNG movies were great, but after Nemesis we needed Cisco to come back from the profits and do some awesome shyt.

May 19

Rebuttal of 10 Pro Choice Arguments

A Logical Rebuttal of 10 Pro Choice Arguments

For this post, I will be replying to this list of 10 pro choice arguments. Feel free to read their arguments first before you continue.

10. Laws against abortion do not stop abortion; they simply make it less safe.

That is true, and in times past when there were less options for birth control, RU486, and safe surrender/safe haven laws the desperation to end a pregnancy is understandable. In modern times, it is not. We have come a long way both technologically and socially, there is no longer an excuse. That being the case, no the laws against abortion probably will not end all abortions, just as laws against drugs don’t stop their use and the laws against murder don’t stop people from killing each other. It can’t be justified simply by saying, “People are going to do it anyway, so we should make it easier”.

9. If people want to stop abortion, they should turn to methods that do work.

I couldn’t agree more. That is why in my proposed pro life organization one thing that we will definitely strive for is sexual education, and the availability of contraceptives and RU486 within the first 4-5 weeks. With these available, there is no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy to happen in the first place aside from someone just changing their mind halfway along, and in that case they can just give the baby away when it’s born.

8. The politicians “pro-lifers” so ardently support are only after one thing: self-interest.

I can understand this, many times with a politician you can’t tell what they actually believe from what they are just saying for more votes. This is true for all arguments against all things. Even Pro Choice, considering wasn’t it Mitt Romney who was criticized for first saying he was pro choice until he was in office, basically saying it just for the votes? This statement doesn’t take away at all from Pro Life arguments, just some of the people that use them.

7. Religious ideology is no foundation for any law.

No it is not. Is it religious ideology that murder is illegal? No, so it isn’t religious ideology that the murder of an unborn child be illegal. My Proposed pro life organization is directly intended to separate the Pro Life debate from religion, as religious debates are exhausting and pointless.  Since we can detect brain waves at 6 weeks of pregnancy, that baby is therefor alive and should be protected just as much as any other person, despite their age. That isn’t religion, it is logic.

6. Reproductive restrictions do not end with abortion.

No, if you first categorize pro life being a reproductive restriction, then reproductive restrictions would not end there. Unfortunately, this is an argument trying to first apply their definition to a cause and then saying what their definition could potentially bring. To us, being pro life is NOT a reproductive restriction, just a restriction against killing a living human being. We are not placing a reproductive restriction that can be expanded upon in order to cause your hypothetical future issues, we are instead expanding upon the restrictions against killing someone that already exist. Just making it apply to someone even if they aren’t yet born. In many places, if you assault a pregnant woman and it kills the unborn child you can be charged with it’s death. So the precedence for  an unborn child being legally considered alive already exists.

5. Most people who are against abortion will never even become pregnant.

This argument is absurd, making a broad sweeping generalization against an entire group of people can never be interpreted as a valid argument. It is arguments like that which are used to justify things like racism, sexism, elitism, etc. Unless you are saying that being pro choice should be on the same level as those impossible to rationalize standpoints, I don’t recommend actually trying to use this as an argument against being pro life. I’m sure there are plenty of sweeping generalizations I could come up with for pro choice advocates.

4. Women who are raped or victims of incest should not be forced to carry out a pregnancy.

No they shouldn’t, they should take some RU486 and make sure that they don’t carry out a pregnancy if they don’t want to. As far as the next paragraph they added to this argument that is unrelated to the statement, regarding the existence of orphans and homeless children (a seperate argument they lumped with this one), that actually would be likely to bring about reproductive restrictions. Getting into an argument that people should have abortions because there are too many homeless kids and orphans would open up the door for similar arguments, such as; people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids because of population problems, people shouldn’t be allowed to have children if they are below a certain economic class, and even opens the door people who are genetically flawed shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Do we really want to open the eugenics can of worms? Whats next, should we all be blue haired and blond? No, the existence of a different problem does not justify the murder of children, whether they have been born or not.

3. Reproductive choice can be the only thing that stands between a woman and poverty. 

In this argument, they speak of women in third world countries and horrendous environments and situations. Should we as United States Citizens limit ourselves to their standards? Here in the US, a woman can prevent pregnancy, and if she does change her mind when it’s too late she can put it for adoption, give it to social services, she is in no way forced to keep an unwanted child. Not an issue.

2. Reproductive choice can be the only thing that stands between a woman and DEATH.

I agree, and so does my proposed Pro Life Organization. We do live in a world where everything is not black and white, and some situations considering an abortion should be acceptable. Some abortions can be justified, this doesn’t mean all should be or that they should be encouraged. But, I do offer this- Say you are more than 22 weeks and you find there is a problem that would cause you to die if you went to full term. Instead of going straight to a clinic and killing the unborn child, you can have your doctor initiate birth and give the unborn child the chance to survive. Babies have been known to survive being born at that stage of pregnancy, so isn’t a chance of life better than no chance? The writer of the other list had a child survive that early after all, that child wouldn’t have had a chance had her doctor suggested she abort as many pro choice doctors would have.

1. Doctors, not governments, should always be the people to make medical recommendations and opinions.

Ah, I love that the top argument in this list is targeted to people paranoid of the government. Anyway, this argument is not valid. The government would not be making a medical recommendation, it would be setting a regulation, as many things in the medical industry are regulated (for good reason). It would simply be saying that an unborn child can not be murdered unless it is medically necessary for the health of the mother or the child would be born debilitated or with no expectation of survival.


While this list is not exhaustive, it does show that ProChoice arguments just do not hold up to scrutiny. They are impulsive arguments made to cause a fast emotional reaction instead of a thought out logical reaction. My proposed Just Pro Life organization does end up somewhere in the middle, it will not get full support from  all pro life groups but hopefully will sway many pro choice groups since it addresses their concerns as well. If you feel you can add to this debate, want to show your support, or have something against anything I’ve said here, by all means please comment below. I want to hear what people of all view points have to say about this because  I know there is a better way than the current way. I am firm in my opinions and my belief that my proposed pro life plan is the best way, but if you think you can change my mind feel free to try. As I do not carry with it any other agenda’s, religious goals/restrictions, etc I am not a robot and am not above being swayed. It’s just extremely doubtful at this point.

Please share this page/post with as many people as we possibly can. If you disagree show it to others who disagree so we can open up discussion and an active dialog. If you agree then show it to others and share your support.

Thanks for reading.


May 19

Planned Parenthood Covering up Child Sex Trafficking?!

Child Sex Trafficking- Would you believe me if I told you that for some reason women’s rights groups are supporting child sex trafficking? Well, as much as I hate to admit it I wouldn’t have said so myself until I discovered they are. Oh they might not all knowingly be supporting it, but ignorance of something doesn’t make it disappear.

Planned Parenthood, under the guise of “confidentiality” will aid pimps in getting testing and abortions for their underage prostitutes, whether they are legally in the US or not. recorded 7 undercover investigations into planned parenthood’s in different places done by different people. The investigators posed as a pimp and one of his prostitutes seeking advice on how to get abortions and STD testing for themselves and their child sex workers. If you are ready to be disgusted and put into as much of an outrage as I am in right now, watch all 7 of the videos. Each one, the person counselling the “couple”  tells them exactly how to get around the law and get STD screens, exams, and abortions for their underage prostitutes. I am seriously fucking disturbed to think that this shit can possibly be going on in our supposed enlightened society. This is shit you expect to hear about happening in third world countries, yet it’s happening right in our back yards and people just look away.


If you are a human being with a conscience and you are reading this, then take the few minutes it takes to share this information and do what you can to help end this shit. Share it on facebook, email it to your friends, talk about it on your own blogs, anything you can do to support the ending of this then do it!

I have had enough of things being labeled as “women’s rights” in order to commit unspeakable horrors with national support. I am NOT SAYING women shouldn’t have rights, I am saying things shouldn’t be mislabeled in order to get support for things like human trafficking, gendercide, and killing unborn children. Please do something to show your support.

May 19

Gendercide now in US?!

Ok, I’m not sure if you have heard of the gendercide issues in Asia and India, but if you haven’t then here’s an excellent project that could use some support and donations-

To sum things up, in those countries it is so preferred to have a boy than a girl in their culture for some reason that baby girls are either aborted or murdered after being born. Those that are spared are often neglected to death, sold into slavery, or the few that get lucky enough to grow up and get married and be forced to have the same happen to their daughters.

I am not sure what the hell is wrong with a society that hates their own females, or any person individually or any group that thinks it’s ok to smother or slit the throat of a baby just because it’s a girl. I mean it goes against every bit of human nature, in our history entire wars have been fought, people have gladly laid down their lives, over females. Girls have been known in the past to be stolen by other groups who have a shortage of females. It is ingrained in our DNA to protect and cherish girls. So how in the hell could anyone allow a society to get so twisted that it becomes the exact opposite?

I was appalled enough when I discovered these things going on overseas, but I am disgusted to now discover that this is beginning to be a problem in the rest of the world. If you look visit it turns out Australia is now having a problem, and I have today discovered that it is also a problem right here in the United States. I am ashamed to say I am a citizen in a country that will tolerate gendercide.

You can tell from my first post here that I am pro life, I adamantly disagree with abortion being in any way necessary outside of a child who will be born with severe disabilities or one whose birth will result in the death of the mother or child. It is not a womans rights issue, it is a human rights issue. But this takes the cake.

Pro Choice people like to think their decision to support the murder of unborn babies is pro woman, but how can it be pro woman now if it is turning into a way to eliminate females from even being born? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Girls are every bit as important and valuable as boys (maybe even moreso, I would be more likely to come to the aid of a female than a male) but in order to not cause a stir with their pro choice decision, apparently pro choicers would rather look the other way and not bother to find what their reasons are to kill their babies. That way they don’t make it hard for exchanging of money for the murder of a child.
Don’t believe that gendercide is being totally supported by abortion clinics? Watch these videos of investigations into abortion clinics then-

I am about to start another post about something else I have just found out about- Planned Parenthood’s aiding and covering up for underage sex slaves and their pimps, human trafficking, etc.

May 18

Abortions- Just say no!

Abortions Are Not Necessary, Are Nothing Less Than Murder, and are NOT A CONTRACEPTIVE!

So I’m guessing you know what this post is about. It’s my first post here so I thought I’d make it a juicy one. Now, I am not saying all abortions, if the abortion is for a baby that’s going to be born extremely deformed or die right after, or if it’s a young girl who probably wouldn’t fare well with the toll birth takes on the human body, or if the pregnancy going to term will kill the mother, those are understandable and totally the choice of the parents. Aside from that, there really isn’t a reason to kill an otherwise healthy baby merely because it presents an inconvenience. 

  1. Birth Control- Condoms, spermacide, pills, IUDs, diaphrams, even anal and oral alternatives. If you aren’t in a position to have a baby, there are PLENTY of ways to prevent it. I propose a bigol “Wrap it before you tap it” campaign. Preventing babies is NOT hard to do. 
  2. RU486- Ok, so the protection has failed, or you were too wasted to think straight, or for whatever reason some tiny soldiers have invaded your fort. You can take this medicine and BAM- its gone. Up to 7 weeks it’s effective, so you have PLENTY OF TIME to take it before that little glob of baby juices becomes a precious gift of life.
  3. Ok, so lets say somehow 1 and 2 didn’t work. Both have failed and you are pregnant. If that’s the case, don’t you think that maybe it means that baby really really WANTS to be born? Or, lets say you’re 3 months pregnant and some d-bag boyfriend hauls ass leaving you alone and broke. You can barely take care of yourself, much less a baby. Is that a good reason to kill it? NO! In NC we have what is called Safe Surrender. You can leave a baby with ANYONE and never have to deal with it again or be in any way responsible for it. Take it in a basket to the hospital, social services, a church, although it would be inconvenient for the clerks you can probably get away with leaving it at the customer service counter of a local grocery store. NO ONE is forcing you to keep a baby you don’t want or can’t care for. All you have to do is resist the urge to murder it before it’s done baking.

Rampant Misinformation and Propaganda in a Worldwide campaign to Kill unborn babies.

Ok, firstly, somehow years and years and years ago, it was made a concept that abortion is a “Women’s Rights” issue. First of all, you hear about people dying from back alley abortions out of desperation. Well, lets also keep in mind that things were different back then, there are so many forms of birth control and then the RU486, that desperation no longer needs to exist. Anyway, as far as current modern society- ABORTION IS NOT ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS! It is about human rights, the basest human right everyone has is the right to live. An unborn child should not be punished for mistakes of it’s parents. The thought of it being a women’s rights issue is kinda ridiculous if you really think about it. I’ve heard “Women shouldn’t be forced to have babies they don’t want or can’t care for”. Well, unless you were raped, no one was forcing you to have sex. No one forced you not to use protection. No one forced you not to take the pill. If you have a baby in there, then it is solely by your own doing and can’t be undone without committing murder. Plain and simple, it is murder. Saying it’s a women’s right and a women’s choice is like saying “They’re my kids, and if they become inconvenient I should be allowed to kill them”. Using that argument is a means to an end, it is a means to make people think- Either you are pro-abortion or you are anti-women’s rights. Kind of like how in commercials they say “Take this pill or your penis will fall off or stop working” to men. Women don’t want their rights oppressed any more than a man wants his penis gone, so will generally jump on that prochoice bandwagon they think they’re supposed to be on. I’ve heard women tell other women that their choice to be pro life or housewives or even to just be married that they are somehow setting women back. Isn’t the mob mentality a little bit oppressing? Isn’t it taking away a women’s rights to convince her that if she doesn’t forsake family, babies and men she’s somehow an enemy of women? We’ll get more into that in a different post, starting to kind of wander off topic there. But no, abortion isn’t a women’s rights issue. I heard during an interview once of a survivor of an abortion (I can’t remember her name or I’d add in a link) say “Where was the radical feminist shouting about my rights when they tried to abort me?” (That’s probably not exact but somewhere along those lines)

The term abortion itself is another means to an end. If on voting ballots it was written as “Unborn Baby Murder” instead of abortion, would people be as willing to blindly vote for it? Have you ever seen someone walk into an abortion clinic with a smile on their face and then come out later with one as well? If you have then that’s a cold bitch. The reason people that get abortions feel shame, guilt, regret, have second thoughts, etc is because deep down they know it’s wrong. It isn’t society telling them to feel guilty, it is society telling them that they shouldn’t feel guilty and they should kill a baby because it is a burden. That guilt and shame is a natural reaction that a person with a conscience has to committing murder of an innocent defenseless baby.

I can’t emphasize enough the concept of abortion being completely unnecessary. The only thing you have to do is hold it for 9 months. Thats all of the burden that will be put on you should you do the right thing and choose life. Can you really convince yourself that a few months of inconvenience for you is worth more than the life of a child? Should a baby die because you changed your mind or didn’t think straight and use protection? You can’t just use the same ol “My body my choice” argument because if it was your body they wouldn’t need to KILL IT FIRST, AND THEN REMOVE IT! In your body yes, but not YOUR body.

I’ll probably make more posts about the evils of abortion later, but for now I’ll call it a night. If you agree or know someone thinking about killing their unborn child, please like and share this post. Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome but I’m not going to bother responding to people who want to randomly call names, be rude and insulting, etc. If you have a point to make against what I’m saying by all means make it, but random insults and “Nu uh” comments are a waste of everybodys time.

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