Aug 07

Evolution is NOT a theory

evolutionI want to clear something up once and for all, evolution is not a theory. To all of the Christians who keep coming at me and posting about evolution only being a “theory” that we “believe” please allow me to correct you’re very incorrectly held assumption.

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Aug 05

Is religion a mental disorder?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it lately, and I really think that religion should be classified as a mental disorder and I’ll as briefly as possible try and explain why.

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Jul 18

Ants are more evolved than us

I’ve always been extremely interested in ants. We have a love hate relationship, outdoors I think they’re awesome but indoors they’re enemies that must be eliminated. I believe ants are actually more evolved than we are, and I have a theory on ants that very well could blow your mind.

Ants are a more advanced life form than humans. Sure they’re just tiny little bugs, right? Well here’s my theory. I don’t think the individual ant is the life form, I think the entire ant colony is the individual and the ants are just pieces. The ants function as cells, just like cells in our bodies communicate with pheromones and chemical signals and each cell carries out a specific function so do individual ants. The Queen is the reproductive system and in a way functions as a part of the nervous system, instead of a central nervous system it is a decentralized nervous system, and the queens function is not just reproduction (which would really only be happening when another queen was born) but it is also replacing cells (individual ants) as needed. The colony acts as one, moves as one, and there are ants specifically adapted to specific tasks. Inside their colonies they grow their own food even, they nurse their babies (or mature their cells until ready for use depending on how you look at it), their fighters act as an immune system against invading ants or anything else trying to enter the colony.

Take a look at this video, where they excavate a colony of leafcutter ants. They call ants the second most advanced civilization (second to us) but I think they’re actually individual entities that are farther evolved than humans. It’d be like if all of our cells were able to separate off and function independently. See we evolved to be individual people, with our bodies intact and each consciousness to it’s own body. What I think is that the reason insects that have formed into colonies or hives have done so because of their exoskeletons.

Insects have exoskeletons, which they breathe through with tiny little holes in their exterior. Because of their exoskeletons, they can only get so big. Too large and they wouldn’t be able to get enough air through their system since they don’t have lungs. Instead of evolving lungs, they evolved a de-centralized nervous system where each ant is an individual but part of the whole. It’s like they sidestepped evolving lungs to grow bigger and instead developed the ability to have autonomous functioning cells. I think that if we were able to compare the chemical signals between all of the ants in a colony it would be very similar to the way a neurons in your brain communicate with each other. This means the entire “body” (all ants from a particular colony) acts as a small part of the nervous system. They could be just as intelligent as a whole as humans and we’d have no way to measure it purely because our measurements are designed for centralized nervous systems!

Jul 17

Nice France Trucks Vs. Guns


Ok I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook chatter about how the event in Nice shows that gun control laws are dumb, good ol Newt Gingrich is trying to get his big old head in the media more lately and he came out sarcastically saying he expected Obama to make a speech soon about truck control laws, etc. So I thought I’d take a moment to point something out.

There’s no logic to this place…..

Someone killing people with a truck doesn’t change the fact that we have an insane amount of gun related deaths in this country and that guns are far to easy to get. Someone killing people with a truck doesn’t change that a national registration system with strict background checks (both mental health and criminal) that was integrated at the national level is a good idea. Someone killing people with a truck also doesn’t change the fact that it is a good idea to limit availability of ammunition. I get mad when things like this happen and people use it as a way to promote their agenda, both sides are guilty of it and it’s crap. It cheapens the lives lost, it tries to turn one person’s tragedy into another person’s political advantage, and it’s very illogical. Event B doesn’t justify not making precautions to prevent event A, especially when event A is something so commonplace as gun violence is here in the US. Sure no new gun laws would stop all the bad guys from getting guns, but it’s about making progress. Over time more and more unregistered guns would come off the street and more and more deaths will be prevented. I say start a national gun buyback program where people can get more than the value of the gun by turning it in, and no questions asked about the whether that gun was legally obtained or not. I’d rather see our country make some kind of progress towards reducing gun violence than see it do nothing because people are afraid it won’t do much good. People need to stop letting fear of “bad guys” prevent action being taken to stop them, at least a little at a time.

But, good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns!

There are incidents where a person with a legally obtained gun prevents others from committing crimes with guns, but there are far more incidents of that not happening. Does it sound like it makes much sense to let fear of “Bad guys with guns” cause us to make it still just as easy for the bad guys to get guns?

It’s more than just guns, we don’t have a gun problem we have a people problem (or other memes talking about it being because of religion not taught in schools or not spanking, whatever)

The problem with gun violence in america has many contributing factors and widespread availability of guns is only one of those factors. However, there being other factors doesn’t mean we shouldn’t address that one. We should also address the cultural and societal factors that contribute. I’d think the glorification of soldiers has something to do with it, people being told that they should practically worship anyone who wears a uniform but subconsciously meaning we should revere government paid murderers. Another factor is the glorification of crime in some social groups. Another factor would be the “war on drugs” which gives drugs such a high value that people will willingly risk their lives and take the lives of others just to make money to get by, which also includes another factor which is the huge divide between the wealthy and the poor. Our melting pot has had a bunch of really shitty ingredients thrown in, and taking one small piece of one out definitely won’t fix the stew but over time if we work toward making progress toward taking those troublesome elements out we can make things better.

Which do you choose to be; afraid or hopeful?

The NRA position is one of defeatism, where it’s already too late to make things better so screw everyone else I just want to make sure I can protect myself. I choose to maintain at least some hope in humanity that it’s not to late, progress can be made and we can make our country and the world a better and safer place to live.

About those trucks…..

Now about the trucks, with technological advances in transportation where they are, it wouldn’t be out of the question to have a system in place that causes a truck or vehicle to automatically slow or even shut down if erratic behavior (such as swerving quickly out of a lane or towards a group of people) or even if imminent collision is detected. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to also make trucks safer and not able to be used as a weapon. Sure if trucks were released that did that it wouldn’t make it impossible for someone to use an older truck to do the same thing, but over time it would help eliminate that threat as well. No one expects an immediate solution, we just want to make progress toward some kind of solution.

Jun 27

Religion is bullshit now fuck off


Alright world, you asked for it now I’m delivering. I am so tired of the bullshit fighting and arguing over which version of bullshit is the correct bullshit. I am so tired of seeing assholes try and guilt each other for an AMEN so they can feel like they’re better people. So tired of the lunacy of people trying to shove their god down everyone else’s throats. So allow me to attempt as briefly as possible to explain why you’re beliefs make you a mindless fool.

Here in the US, the dominant religious disease is Christianity. The Christians clutch their little bibles and guns and hate the Muslims and everyone who disagrees with their little books and they all think they’re going to be rewarded with some magical wonderland in the sky after they die. So the primary target of this post is Christianity, but most of this post also applies to any other monotheistic religion.

For starters, lets talk about Origins.

The Canaanites had a broad pantheon of deities they believed in. Many pagan cultures had various cults that worshiped one deity more exclusively, acknowledging that the other gods existed but primarily giving reverence to only one. This is Henotheism, and that is where our story begins. A henotheistic religion worshiping one of the Canaanite Divine Warrior Gods Yahweh. As time moved along, this morphed into a monotheistic religion, and as more time went on this monotheistic religion (I assume to get their people to fight harder against their enemies who believed differently) began labeling other religions as evil. Interestingly enough, you can find evidence of this even within that little book in the first commandment where it says “Worship no other gods before me”. It never says there are no other gods, just not to worship them. Monotheism originates by people wanting to gain power and influence by manipulating the beliefs of the masses. If your enemy is an evil monster it’s a whole lot easier to rationalize killing them than it is if it’s just so your leaders can gain more wealth and territory.


It would take me pages and pages and pages to point out every contradiction in the old testament and the bible. So instead I will point out that the very first thing in the bible is immediately contradicted by the very second thing in the bible. Genesis 1 and 2 give a completely different order of events and creation process. If the very first two things in a book contradict each other, then how in the hell can it be the immutable truth of divinity?

Physical impossibilities

Probably one of the easiest things to point out as a physical impossibility is the story of Noah’s Ark. Think of how big a zoo is, lets say the Atlanta Zoo. It has to have room for all of the animals, room for all of their food, staff to regularly feed and care for the animals, and it doesn’t have anywhere close to 2 of every kind of animal species. Now imagine this zoo, somehow floating in an ocean holding enough food for all of those animals for more than a month, and somehow the tending and feeding of these animals being done by just a handful of people. Imagine just how mindbogglingly big a boat would have to be to carry 2 each of millions upon millions of animal species! Plus, considering the number of animals that hadn’t been discovered yet from continents never previously visited by anyone from where Noah was at, where the hell did they get 2 of each from? Then consider that after the floods they would have had to travel the world just to redistribute those animals to the continents they are currently at. An undertaking like this would be next to impossible with current technology, and some guy did it with wood? Even with modern technology, we’d have to settle for carrying genetic material of each animal and then who knows how long it would take us to clone and redistribute all of the local wildlife to it’s habitat once the destruction was over? How can this story represent an immutable fact from divinity?


Now lets talk about how much of the bible and old testament were ripped off from much older polytheistic religions. Since we used noahs ark last time, lets do it again. The story of a devastating worldwide flood came way before the monotheistic version. For example, the epic of gilgamesh which predates it. Massive flood, guy surviving on a boat full of animals, the most significant difference is that there is more than one deity and the names and places are different. Now some may try and say these similarities confirm the bible’s validity, that the events it speaks of did happen, but let me explain. You get a dozen accounts of a similar event, each with it’s own interpretations and guesses of why and how, and the only thing you can really assume is that something like it may have happened. Was there a worldwide flooding event? Probably. Does it mean the explanation by any culture in any religious textbook is valid? NO! Look through the bible and look at just how many of the stories and lessons in it are just adaptations of old Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman myths changed up to support monotheism.

Lets sum it up

The truth of the matter is simple, we as humans have no idea where the fuck life, the universe, or anything else came from. It could be random, we could be in a simulation of some advanced species, we could have been genetically engineered by aliens to mine precious metals, there could be one or several gods controlling everything, no one fucking knows and the possibilities are endless. A person desperate enough can rationalize just about any belief, and really wouldn’t be more right or wrong than any other beliefs. That is why they are beliefs, not facts, and people need to accept that we have no fucking idea and just try to be decent fucking people instead of trying to make everyone else our own version of decent fucking people.


If you have read this and you are still a monotheist you have officially changed your classification from ignorant to willfully ignorant. This means that there is no reasoning with you, no validity to anything you say afterward, and hope for you is lost until you find yourself having the will to accept your ignorance. Ignorance is a natural state because no one can really know all of the answers. Willful ignorance is a shameful state, where you choose to accept lies rather than admit ignorance. It is a sign of fear mixed with arrogance. For the record, I am not an atheist but my beliefs are my own. I don’t wish to tell anyone else who or what to believe, or whether to believe anything at all, but I do wish to tell people that if you think your beliefs are somehow more valid than anyone else’s then you are lying to yourself.



May 29

Stop Repeating

This message of this post is quite simple; stop repeatingĀ lies you think are true. Form your own opinions instead of being fed someone else’s.

Every day you see it and hear it and read it. Someone repeating false information, someone sharing an absurd meme on facebook pushing propaganda for one side or the other, and the messed up thing is that these people think they’re expressing their own thoughts. This is being done to you and you need to realize it. For a large number of people, you’re thoughts are not your own.

Propaganda- A commonly used term but yet seemingly ignored concept…..

Propaganda is a commonly used term, each side of our political circus accuses the media of using propaganda from the other side. The problem is the concept is often overlooked for what it really is. See, the definition of propaganda is misleading information to promote a cause or viewpoint. Most people know this. The problem is the concept isn’t seen for what it really is. People assume propaganda stops with the news but it doesn’t even begin to stop there. See, around WW2 those in power realized the importance of manipulating public opinion to support their cause but our technology, understanding of psychology and global communications have advanced greatly since then. Now, the most useful method of spreading propaganda is individuals.

Belief is an interesting thing, and in all my years of research into belief I have come to the conclusion that for the most part belief is determined on a first come first served basis. In general the average person of average intelligence is going to be taught beliefs by their parents and people around them growing up. These beliefs don’t need to be proven accurate to be believed, but to be changed requires absolute proof to the individual. A person forms their beliefs without great investigation and requirement of factual evidence, but once they have those beliefs they become a part of that person that they will cling onto unless proven 100% to be untrue. See, the reason for that is quite simple. We are wired to fear being wrong. When we’re wrong on something it hurts our ego, because we latch onto ideas and beliefs we are given as if they are ours. If you hear a theory and it seems like it makes sense to you, you repeat that theory and believe it to be yours. It isn’t yours, you didn’t originate it, but your ego thinks it is.

Understanding the psychology of the ego, of a person clinging to other people’s thoughts as if it were their own (makes you think of the movie inception doesn’t it lol), those in power use that to their advantage. They find a commonly held belief, and then design specific misinformation that at the same time lines up with that common belief. When a person hears/sees that misinformation since it applies to a belief they hold as their own they are likely to accept that misinformation. Once accepted, that misinformation merges with their pre-existing belief and then that person begins repeating that misinformation as if it were their own. The misinformation spreads, the belief becomes common, the seed is planted and in many ways it is irreversible without a core change in thinking.

Taking Sides in a one sided fight

See propaganda of old was designed to get the people to choose one side over the other, for example to choose the Allies over the Axis. As things evolve however, those in power came up with the idea of manufacturing sides to manipulate everyone instead of just half. Look at American Politics. Roughly one half of the US population considers itself republican and the other half Democrat. Yet, almost all of the US population on an individual basis wants what is best for the country and the people and dislikes the government. The government is primarily controlled by those already in power, and instead of manipulating half of the people to come to try and have their way they manufacture two sides in order to manipulate all the people to do their bidding. They neatly lump issues onto one side or the other, they make the people think they have to choose one or the other, and then get the people going against each other. Now the two halves of our population are fighting each other while the politicians elected serve no purpose other than promoting the interests of those in power. It doesn’t matter which side you are on, because the options you are given as “solutions” are false. Politicians once in office are paid by the same people, so whoever wins the election is simply receiving a check. So for all the fighting and arguing, no actual change is happening one way or the other because our choices are an illusion. Plus, to make things worse, the more arguments there are the more polarized the two sides become. When a person’s beliefs are challenged they instinctively cling harder to those beliefs. So while we are fighting to prove thoughts that aren’t ours to be the correct thoughts, those who we all collectively dislike are still in power and decisions we collectively dislike are made anyway.

The Only Solution

The only solution to this is for people to come to the understanding that having an invalid opinion or thought doesn’t make them invalid. Being wrong on something doesn’t make you less of a person. A sign of intelligence is being able to adjust your opinions based on evidence presented. Even if you have to completely redefine you’re thoughts on the universe, when new information presents itself an adjustment needs to be made. Most people are unfortunately unable to do this. People cling so hard to their beliefs that they feel that if they are forced to accept that those beliefs are invalid that it will mean that they are less, it’s a shame, it’s a blow to someone’s pride and ego. When you are presented with new information, don’t deny that information to preserve your opinion. It does say something negative about a person when they actively ignore evidence in support of a false belief, even more so when they then pass on that belief knowing it’s falsehoods. If we don’t stop this cycle of spreading false beliefs and opinions then things are going to continue to polarize and within our own lifetimes there will be dire consequences. A 3 sided civil war with no borders. The “left” vs the “right” vs those currently in power. Instead of a nice tidy civil war like we had in the 1800s where there are borders and a clear definition of where the enemy is, it is going to be neighbor vs neighbor, family member vs family member, town vs neighboring town. All the while the real enemy, those in power, will pick off the best of us one by one to ensure they are the only real winners.


May 19

How does wealth create poverty?

I saw someone ask earlier “How does one person’s wealth contribute to creating poverty?” So I thought I’d write about it here.

Currency is something that was created long long ago as a way to aid trade. A person with a surplus of say peppers wants some wool from a person with a surplus of wool, but what if the person with the wool is allergic to or just doesn’t like or want peppers? Currency was created as a way of creating a standardized value for goods, where surpluses could be exchanged for their value in currency and that currency then exchanged for equivalent value of someone else’s surplus. Thus economics was born, and this currency system evolved over time until it became the global economy we have today.

Now, this was during a time where mass communication was very difficult and population density was much lower. Now that we have the booming global economy we have today with the instant communication to any part of the world and products from the opposite side of the planet available within just a couple days currency is becoming our enemy and actually creating poverty. See, currency relies on fluidity, circulation and distribution. Without circulating, someone somewhere loses out on it’s value. Now when someone amasses a great amount of wealth, and I’m not talking about just you’re average middle class guy who has a few thousand saved up for a vacation but the kind of wealth where a person could comfortably live 20 lives and still have enough left over for their kids to live on, that currency does nothing so it’s value becomes void. This means that somewhere someone created value by raising their sheep or growing their peppers, and somewhere along the line it got caught in the sinkhole of someone’s enormous bank account and became stagnant. It’s like the old story of the miser. Every day the miser would go out to his yard, dig up his gold packed in jars, count it and then bury it again. One day he went to his back yard, dug up the jars, and they were empty. The miser went to a local authority and told them his situation, and the local authority simply said to just do what he normally did and it would make no difference in his life. Or something along those lines, my grandfather told me that story many years ago.

So, currency is value. When someone locks away an amount of value that they could never possibly spend, every amount of value added to that is basically deleted from our economy and that value is lost. This is the mechanism by which poverty is created by wealth, because we’re in a world where there are plenty of resources to go around but not plenty of currency to afford it evenly. This means our system of currency has failed. The whole point of currency was the distribution of goods, yet now a lack of currency in circulation leads to those goods not being distributed. This means, logically, that the system is flawed and needs something to replace it.

Humanity has a problem. We are stuck on doing things in ways we’re used to, staying in our comfort zones. Problems that could be fixed go without being fixed in order to save the discomfort of doing things differently because people fear and distrust the unknown. This goes for currency, government, religion, science, everything. Sure, society tries to patch things, to make things that don’t work better so they can continue to be used, but at some point you just need to scrap the car and get something new. Sure a train from the 1800’s would be able to be patched and modified enough that it would be at least somewhat functional today, but isn’t it a whole lot easier to just get a bus or a truck instead? Really it is that simple, its just that with broader concepts or aspects of our society it creates too many potential unknowns and people are scared. Sure the person with the old train would be worried he’s not going to like the smell of the bus, or be good at driving it, etc. but the person would still do it because in the long run it is better. The same with our economy. Sure doing things differently than they’re done now, getting rid of currency all together and creating some sort of new system of distributing goods and value so that everyone has plenty to meet their needs, would be a difficult transition with a lot of unknowns that will arise and a lot of unexpected variables that will cause difficulties during the transition. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be better in the long run or we shouldn’t do it.

As they say, out with the old and in with the new. Are you willing to give up your comfort zone to ensure that future generations have it better than us? It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be a struggle to make something new that works, but the benefits far outweigh the initial discomfort. Over time change will happen anyway, but if you become an agent of positive change instead of a hindrance to progress you can move with the change instead of being run over by it.


Apr 12

Living in North Carolina after HB2

Yes world, I am one of the backwoods, inbred, dumbass NC natives that everyone keeps talking about


I’ve lived in NC most of my life, aside from a brief time in California and Florida as a teenager. Since I was 17 I’ve lived in Black Mountain, a small town outside of Asheville. Its a beautiful state, and though there’s a lot that goes on in this state I’m not proud of it is my home.

Since HB2 passed and all of the media attention surrounding it, I have watched as people all over the world mock us. Cities in surrounding states are banning publicly funded transportation to our state, musicians are canceling tour dates (dick move springstein), businesses are canceling plans to set up in the stateĀ (bye bye Paypal) and all over the world I see posts and articles filled with people saying the meanest most hateful things about us North Carolinians. Apparently to the rest of the world I’m just some cousin fucking bible thumping moron.

The problem however is that there are a LOT of us in North Carolina who think the bill is bullshit. There are a lot of others like me who could care less who you fuck, where you shit, and how you identify and love. No coverage of the protest over the bill, the people calling out on the streets in Asheville for equality, all the rest of the world sees is the action taken by desperate politicians trying to cling to power and make their corporate masters happy. In turn, instead of support for the People of North Carolina all I see is seething hatred of every day people just because of the state we reside in, and you should all feel ashamed of yourselves. I can imagine if the Holocaust happened today, would everyone be posting about how stupid the Jews were for letting themselves get rounded up and murdered?

Why HB2 was passed

HB2 was passed purely out of ignorance and fear. The people of North Carolina didn’t pass this bill, the politicians did. The people are divided exactly how the politicians want us to be. Instead of going after the establishment, it’s every day people who are getting the brunt of the hatred of the world and being insulted and belittled at every turn is a way to make someone cling to their beliefs founded in ignorance, not to make them change their world views. When I lived in the Eastern part of the state, far from the nice liberal haven of Asheville, I saw the patterns first hand. Poor areas where all the houses are run down, landscapes littered with trailer parks, yet multi-million dollar churches on every other corner. Poverty and isolation bring desperation, and in that desperation people flock to the only comforts they can find. They’re spoonfed lies and rhetoric and misinformation, they’re taught that the “evil libtards” are trying to destroy their “simple way of life” and when they come under fire by everyone in the world with a keyboard and an opinion it reinforces those fears. The enemy is ignorance, not the people themselves, A person can only know as much as their taught, and it takes a lot more than insulting them to teach them new perspectives.

If you want an enemy, look at the establishment. The republican party all over this country is in support of NC’s republican politicians, and they aren’t getting all of their funding from within the state. You think they care if people in NC suffer from economic penalties brought about by these actions? Hell no, not when they’re funded by a national party which is funded by some of the largest corporations in the world. I was shocked to find out that Microsoft is giving the RNC a huge amount of funding and meeting all of their networking and communications needs free of charge. I was shocked when I heard Google, what comes off as such a progressive company, is funding the RNC. Yet are those the targets of worldwide hostility? No, it’s just us backwoods rednecks in North Carolina to blame and insult.

The GOP has a national majority in House and Senate, they have many states held hostage. In Kansas they passed legislation to delete the powers of the judicial branch and I’ve seen nothing of that in the news. The supreme court ruled that corporations can buy politicians for as much money as they want to, essentially making this country’s status as an oligarchy official, yet it’s the people who get blamed for the problems caused by old men clinging to power. A national problem, but we’ve found our focal point in North Carolina. That way we can all try and shift the blame from ourselves to a separate group. Meanwhile someone like Donald Trump is rising to power, congressmen are committing treason, the media is spreading lies and propaganda. So why is the world really insulting North Carolina? Because they want to think the problem isn’t their own.

republicans in a row

How to fix it?

The solution to the problem is simple, combat the ignorance. Instead of avoiding NC and talking shit about it and it’s people why not come to North Carolina and try and spread some logic and reason around? Why not help support people in North Carolina who want to make a difference but don’t have the resources? Why not go after the larger problem, the political establishment and the corrupt economic system that supports it? Stop attacking us here in NC and start attacking the real problem. Otherwise next it will be your leaders in your state and you’ll get to watch as the entire world attacks you instead of trying to help.

Mar 14

Redefining Gravity

This is actually from a post I did in 2015


This is how I currently understand the universe, although new information may make me completely disregard these thoughts and force me to reconstruct it in my head again, but here goes.To explain my theory of the universe I must first re define gravity, so I need to define what makes our universe. All matter and energy are our universe but there is another part of our universe overlooked, and it is the greatest part- space. Einstein understood this, space is it’s own unique type of substance, the only kind that can make more of itself. There is a background constant to space, a zero point energy, it is the fluid in which everything in the universe is suspended. This is an important part to redefining gravity.


Current thinking on gravity views it as a function of matter, in particularly the higgs-bosen and the higgs field. I now understand gravity to not be a function of matter but actually a function of space. We view gravity as matter attracting matter, but instead think of it is space pushing toward matter. If you think of space as a fluid and gravity as spacial bouyancy it makes sense. I would probably be able to explain it better but I have yet to be able to accurately describe with words the intricacies I visualize in my head so if I seem to be repeating myself at times it is simply because I am trying my best to share this thinking with clarity.



Areas with matter have less space than areas of space, or a lower spacial density. Space, and everything suspended in that space, pushes to fill the area of less space. Like a boat on the ocean being pulled toward a whirlpool. At first I thought this idea was nonsense but I couldn’t get it out of my head, I thought with the discovery of the higgs-bosen in 2012 it was confirmed to be a function of matter but the thought occurred to me, the higgs field causes gravity simply because it repels space within that field, less space meaning more gravitational pull. Current models show bodies with mass creating a dip in space, they just misidentify the cause as being a function of that body of mass when it’s space trying to fill that dip.



The great thing about redefining gravity as spacial buoyancy is that it actually explains why gravity is what is causing the acceleration of the universes expansion. When the universe began, outside the universe isn’t space. Space is a part of our universe, so outside of that space, at the borders of our universe, is void of space (or at leas the same kind of space within our universe’s borders). Since gravity forces areas of more space to push towards areas of less space, the void outside of the universe is pulling our universe. As it gains momentum it accelerates. The same laws apply to gravity, just a different source. Current universe models attribute gravity to matter, so they would assume that the universe’s expansion would decelerate since the matter would all pull toward each other and eventually end in a big crunch. Momentum would cause the acceleration to slow. They make up for this by calling it “Dark Energy, an unknown force pushing the universe apart. With gravity properly attributed to being a function of space, momentum would still apply. It would build speed from the constant pull from outside of the universe.



This is why space is a vacuum. Just like if you went into space you’d be pulled apart, the universe is being pulled apart creating the vacuum. This leads me to another part of my conclusion, that there was no “Big Bang”. There’s no other force of nature we have observed that just suddenly happened or came into existence from nowhere, so why would that happen with the universe itself? Things tend to grow, to expand over time, it would make sense that the universe is continuously being spawned. Say from a tear to yet another universe or larger universe. A tear appears in in a void, space on the other side of that tear is pulled toward the void and everything suspended within that space is pulled through as well. Like a spring the universe flows outward being sucked through that tear in space and time and as the pull continues it goes faster, the hole widens, more and more space being sucked through into existence inside of our universe. Just like the solar system is part of the network of a galaxy and galaxies are part of the network of the universe, our universe is likely part of a network of other universe’s, some bigger some smaller, some with potentially totally different laws of physics or types of matter (if matter is even a concept in those other universes). This makes me wonder though, what is Dark Matter?



Another thing that had to exist for the Big Bang theory to be accurate is Dark Matter, matter that we cannot see or interact with physically.So we started looking for it. We’ve seen gravitational effects of dark matter and I remember seeing long ago something about evidence of dark matter from seeing the collision of two nebulae. So this “dark matter” does exist (although not because of a Big Bang). What do we know about it? It doesn’t interact with the matter of our universe. It does have gravitation effects and gravity effects it. So it would be safe to assume that dark matter interacts with the space it is in. If dark matter doesn’t interact with regular matter then it can exist at the same point and time as regular matter and would be likely to do so as the gravity present at one body would pull the dark matter to occupy that same area. This has some profound impact on how we view even our own solar system. More than one layer of substance and each layer having a gravitational effect means that some of the gravity of an object is from both bodies being there. So, if a planet the same size and composition as ours had more or less dark matter also present, it would have more or less gravity present. We haven’t observed enough of the universe to know if the amount of dark matter and gravity present is consistent in other solar systems, so a solar system with almost no dark matter present could have planets the same size as ours and same composition with much less gravitational pull, or planets twice as big as ours but with roughly the same gravitational force. Another thing it has profound impact on the way we view the universe currently is this- there could be other life within even our own solar system. On another layer of the universe Mars could have an atmosphere, life, even intelligent life. So could Venus, our Moon, an insane number of possibilities.



I don’t have evidence for this next part, only supposition and a feeling it is correct. I think the dark matter is the same kind of matter as the rest of the universe just at a different frequency. Just like technically if my hand’s atoms were vibrating at just the right frequency I could pass it through the keyboard, the atoms slipping through the spaces between the other atoms. Another thought, we can’t interact with dark matter, so in theory some of that dark matter may not interact with other dark matter, there could be several layers, each only interacting with each other through gravity. There could be bodies of dark matter being orbited by bodys of our matter (I have a feeling that could be evidenced by Pluto’s interesting system of moons). What if we were able to change the frequency of something so it became out of sync with our layer and into sync with another? What if there were a craft of some sort that changed it’s frequency and everything in it to a frequency that was in sync with another layer? I think there is intelligent life in this solar system that has created crafts that do just that, that would explain UFO sightings where the UFOs seem to just disappear, they are going out of sync and we can’t see or interact with them anymore. We’re being observed and studied.



A letter I saw once from the FBI vaults mentioned something interesting- the person writing it (this was a letter from someone else to the FBI) claimed that there was already another race visiting us and they had contacted us at some point, had far advanced technology, and wasn’t extraterrestrial in origin but more from a different dimension, mentioning Lokas and Talas from the vedic texts (according to the vedic texts there are seven planes of existence each one separated into two parts, Lokas and Talas) and that we could potentially contact that race by modifying radio broadcasts. This letter was from long before the widely known concept of inter-dimensional travel and is very interesting since most of it is blacked out (including info on specifically who wrote the letter).

Jan 22

The Cure for Gay- Would you take it?

I am going to start off this post with one statement- I am in no way intolerant of gay people. My best friend is gay, and to me a person’s sexuality is their own business.

I found an article today that raised some interesting questions and information so I thought I’d talk about it here. THIS ARTICLE is about scientists discovering the cause of homosexuality.

Gay B Gone- Would you use a cure for gay?Basically, they’ve found these epi-marks that actually cause the unborn baby to become masculinized or feminized, and can predict which will produce gay babies and which will produce non gay babies. I’m thinking that if they now know the exact cause, they will be working on a way to stop the effect of the epi-marks to prevent the child from being born gay. This means there is a possibility of them coming out with a pill for pregnant mothers that would prevent their kids from being gay.

Is this Good or Bad?

I have my own opinions on this, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide, and really tell me what you think because this is very important.

The Good:
Preventing kids from being gay before they are born means they don’t have to live a life ostracized for their sexuality that they can’t help. Sure any kid is open to bullying, but growing up and living gay is a very hard life, especially in less accepting areas. A gay child isn’t safe at home, school, work, some are lucky and have families that accept them and some don’t. It would be a way to protect that child from a lifelong struggle. It would also show that homosexuality isn’t a choice, so maybe it would reduce the hatred put on gay people already born.

The Bad:
Many gay people are perfectly happy with their orientation, who is to say it’s wrong even if you know the cause? There are tons of reason people get picked on and abused, it’s society that needs to be accepting of people’s differences, not the people that need to change and conform to those differences. Plus, who knows the side effects? Does all feminizing make a boy gay? Does a touch of masculinity make a girl gay? What other aspects of their being would the mother risk changing? Then, if it’s the environment of an unborn child that determines the sexuality, then it is probably the environment of the still developing child that would have a hand in determining it too. Offering a pill would only add fuel to the fire of a hate filled society, instead of treating the root of the problem. Plus, over population is a problem on a world with too many people and not enough room, maybe this is nature’s population control, should we play god and try to change what nature is doing?


The answer is there is no answer. People from both sides of the gay debate are going to have both answers, it’s a very tricky question. I’m sure there’s gay people who wouldn’t want their kids to have to grow up to be gay, I’m sure there’s straight people who wouldn’t want to go against whatever nature decides, there is a lot of grey area and it comes down to an individual decision. What do you have to say about it?

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