Jul 17

Inflation for the poor

I’m writing this to point out something that is quite disturbing now that I’ve given it significant thought. Its something insidious, sinister and totally unnoticed by most of society. For years, you’ve been hearing how the economy is getting worse, people more and more are unable to afford to survive yet this is all during a time when things are supposedly getting better. So you get the people on the left who just say there wasn’t enough time to finish cleaning up after Bush, you get people on the right and conspiracy theorists saying that the numbers are fudged by the left and the economy isn’t getting any better and the biggest problem is that both sides have plenty of reason to think they are correct. But, as usual, neither side is focusing and they’re both wrong. The problem isn’t that the economy hasn’t improved, it’s that a war is being waged behind the scenes. A class war, a war of incomes and expenditures where the wealthy win and the poor lose. In 2016 both sides went absolutely insane, getting incredible amounts of support and political involvement and turning the entire election process into a circus, yet both sides were complaining about the same problems. The same exact problem, people don’t have enough money and they’re sick of being poor.

So how does a wealthy class pit the poor class against itself? Well first it has to create a problem. I call it ‘Inflation for the Poor’. Now, sure inflation has always existed, and the prices of things continuously go up. The inflation over recent years however does not seem to be going up proportionally. It hit me not too terribly long ago what it was specifically, I didn’t even think about it much until then, but it was when I was in a McDonald’s drive through. I went to buy a sausage biscuit and to my surprise the price was more than $1.20 when I could have sworn it was just $1. It doesn’t seem like much, but that is a 20% increase in price. Then it occurred to me, the prices of the more expensive menu items hadn’t really gone up much, but the ‘value menu’ which used to have everything for $1 had become a spattering of 2 for $3 or 2 for $5 deals. Then I thought, you know sodas have gone up too. A 2 liter of Dr. Pepper used to be $1 and now it’s generally 2 for $3 on sale, even more at some places. That’s a 50% increase. So I started paying more attention at the grocery store, and the trend was in effect there as well. The organic produce, the name brand stuff, it hadn’t gone up too noticeably in price but the generics and cheap stuff had jumped quite a bit. Like generic of Hamburger Helper. The regular was about the same price, but the generics went from $1 (or less) per box to $1.50 or more per box. Generic sodas were maybe $.99 for a 3 liter and are now $.99-$1.20 for a 2 liter. Everywhere I look now it pops out at me, little seemingly insignificant things that were once $1 are now 2 for $3 or $1 and some change. According to the Big Mac index, the US cost for a big mac was $3.66 in 2007 and $5.30 (about a 69% increase).

So if it were just ‘inflation’ as we’re told to expect, then wouldn’t the costs of making these products increase? Well, companies are making record profits, minimum wage hasn’t increased, many companies are moving overseas for cheaper labor and more lax environmental regulations so if their costs aren’t increasing why are their prices? If it were just inflation as usual, then why is it that the average price of a new home has only gone up around $50k between Jan 2007 and and Jan 2017 (around 12%)? Why has the cost of a new car only gone up from 2007 to 2016 about $2k, and when adjusted for inflation it shows the cars are actually cheaper now?

Quite honestly, it’s because who is really going to notice paying an extra 20-60 cents here and there? Who that matters anyway, poor people complain about prices anyway. Now, the higher class people would notice if the average price of cars jumped from 25k to 40k, but no one’s going to notice much if their stop at the gas station goes from $10 to $15. But the poor will notice. The poor will see they have less money to spend, and even as the economy slowly lurched forward during Obama’s term the poor saw the opposite. The poor saw prices going up, pay staying about the same, and job markets getting smaller. So what do the wealthy higher class people get out of this? They get to remain safe, they get to float nicely above the throng of the lower classes fighting each other, blaming each other, not realizing they’re complaining about the same exact problems. So you can’t hunt for the real culprits by party affiliation. I mean sure, the left is definitely better than the right but that doesn’t mean people who openly support the left aren’t also part of the problem. (cough warren buffet cough).

So pay close attention and notice, if and when the economy improves the people will still be complaining and upset about not having enough to get by. While companies are cutting costs at every chance, they’re increasing prices on cheap consumer goods and its the poor who get hit the hardest. They think inflation for the poor will keep us at each other’s throats and not going after them, are you going to take the bait? Are you going to keep fighting against your neighbor over the same exact problem that is hurting you both?

May 31

The polarization effect

Recently I’ve seen a lot of complaints about various social media and websites becoming to polarized. People who are more conservative claiming facebook is to far left, people who are more liberal claiming sites like reddit are becoming too far right. Youtube and it’s current shenanigans of keeping advertising funding from youtubers who are atheist, anti-trump or can be construed in any way offensive to anything.

Now the liberals blame the conservatives and vice versa, but to be honest I have come to a realization. It is neither “side’s” fault. There is a polarization effect happening. We are dealing with a simple yet unidentified problem, unidentified because honestly it would offend many people. The internet is available to everyone.

Now the internet has been available to everyone since its inception, however access to it has not. The internet used to be predominantly populated with the more intelligent, simply put not everyone could understand how to use the internet much less put material online for others. Back then, things were more balanced. Intelligent people tend to be slightly to the left, but nowhere near the extremes of the far left. Some are right leaning, but even those few are nowhere near the extreme right. The polarization effect is caused by the unintelligent masses. Absolutely anyone if they feel like it can create content online for others, which means not only are stupid ideas shared they are then read by other stupid people who share them. It follows a formula, the more people the lower the average intellect.

If you go back to the early days of the printing press, it used to be the way to communicate great ideas and knowledge. It was the domain of the intellectual. Your ‘average’ person couldn’t operate one. Fast forward and you get crazy people printing off their own ‘magazines’ to spread conspiracy theories, grow hate groups, etc. It becomes more available to the masses and it becomes extreme and vulgar. It’s the same effect with the internet, too many people able to create, share and spread content. What was once a haven for the intellectual where all the worlds greatest accomplishments could be freely shared is now just another tool for advertising, spreading lies, indoctrination, and bullshit.

This unfortunately means the internet is no longer a place for ideas and human progress, yet again the most intelligent among us are reverting back into the shadows. Just like alchemists hundreds of years ago with secret basement labs and coded messages shrouded in mystery, the intellectuals must again begin working in secret until a new medium is created for open communication. Its the same reason why democracy itself doesn’t work, why Socrates and Plato hated democracy, that very few people can acquire the knowledge necessary to improve the world for future generations.

Now the ‘average’ person doesn’t want to hear this. The average person hates to be questioned and will take action, often extreme and even violent action, when their thoughts or ideas are questioned. So now the very risk of ‘offense’ to either ‘side’ of the average, your content is removed. Now you point out the absurdity of something and you’re the one called intolerant. We are experiencing the pain of everyone thinking their opinions and thoughts are equal. People are equal, ideas are not. If person a has the ‘opinion’ that science is a lie and things like global warming don’t exist, the earth is only a few thousand years old, etc. while person B claims otherwise, then although person A and B are equal person B’s opinions are better. An opinion based on logic and reason is always better than an opinion based on fantasy, emotion, indoctrination and supposition. So until society can come to terms with the majority of people’s thoughts and ideas just not being as important as the thoughts and ideas of those who know better, we’re going to keep repeating the same problem. We’re going to keep voting for our destruction and then rebuilding to do it again.

May 17

The Inevitability of Trump

So for those who know me and know ow strongly and actively I worked to try and prevent Trump from getting into office there is probably one question they might share. Where did I go? I pretty much quit going to facebook, I’ll check in every day or two for a few minutes before I leave again. Honestly, it was driving me insane. The sheer amount of ignorance, intentional and inexcusable ignorance. Just the thought that so many people thought and still think that Trump and the republican party was in any way a good idea of things to vote for….. Its the very reason Socrates was against democracy. When the ignorant and dim witted are in the majority the rest of us can do nothing but watch in horror. But I am not here to argue or debate, if you think Trump winning was a good thing kindly move along, you’re not honestly mentally capable of processing anything else I’m going to say and I’m not wasting my time arguing with blocks of cement. For those interested, I’ve been spending my time working day after day to get things in order so that when the time comes I can have the funding necessary to attempt a run for office. I won’t waste my time arguing with the masses when I can take more efficient action and put myself in the position to make the necessary changes.

But this post, this post isn’t about that. This post is about why it was bound to happen, and as painful as it is to say it the last thing we need to do right now (before another election) is fight too terribly hard. The only thing worse right now than Trump in the Whitehouse is if Trump were to be impeached. See, Trump was an inevitability. Maybe not Trump himself but someone like him was bound to come at some point or another. Our society over the past few decades has become more and more sensationalized, we as Americans (and honestly as a species) crave extremes. Since Reagan making the bed between the republican party and the religious sects, this was inevitable. The good news is, Trump isn’t the worst of what could have been. Believe me, he’s bad. A total piece of shit. But honestly he isn’t intelligent enough to be as bad as someone like him could have been. He’s going to bumble through his term, aided by those who are more intelligent than him that wanted to cling on to what he represents for their own gains, but there’s a chance we might just make it through intact. Right now we should count ourselves lucky that we didn’t get someone both cunning and demented enough to use the power Trump has gained to completely end our democratic process. Basically, we should count ourselves lucky that there is still somewhat of a chance of recovery when the next elections come. Right now to me the bigger threat than Trump is Pence. Pence is a religious zealot. The kind of guy who never would have gotten the type of power and blind support that Trump got but definitely the type that if given the opportunity would make things very very bad for anyone who didn’t like the idea of theocracy. Efforts right now should not be on impeaching Trump, they should be on organizing campaigns to take away the power of the republican party in congress. Say the collusion with Russia is proven (which I’m sure it will eventually be) and Trump is impeached. We don’t have anything on the books for this. The VP is supposed to be the next in the chain of command because when the whole thing started the VP was supposed to be the runner up for president. So we’ve had it changed along the way that the president picks his VP, but the laws were never updated. It was never thought of in advance ‘what if someone runs for office with their own VP who happens to also be working for the interests of a foreign power to undermine our government?’. So when it is proven, when Trump is impeached, Pence will become president. Even though Pence will only have that position with the gains from the very act that gets Trump impeached, he’ll still reap the rewards of that collusion and still maintain his own power. Where does that leave us?

Trump was inevitable because at the end of the day everyone is unhappy, everyone is discontent with the status quo and the nonfunctional government we have been stuck with. The sides are too polarized, to far extreme. One side of the extreme is so used to the easy time that they’ve had in the US that they come up with new inventive ways to claim oppression (because most of them haven’t ever experienced what real oppression is) and the other side is so tired of being called racist and sexist that they just say fuck it and start acting that way. The loudest groups are the extremes on both sides while the majority of us, those of us who just want to live our lives, are drowned out. Individual issues are completely ignored, grouped into arbitrary associations. Trump was inevitable because this country needed to get a wake up call that our current bullshit will result in nothing but disaster. Trump is the exploding alarm clock, and we can either ignore it and let the rest of the bombs go off or we can take action to stop it from happening anymore. Get the republicans and the democrats both out of office, stop associating issues together arbitrarily, keep religion out of our government (it has absolutely zero place there) and work toward restructuring the whole damned thing.

Let us just hope that minimal damage is done before we can come together and defeat the stupidity. Individually people can be quite brilliant, but in a group they’re intellect is inversely proportional to their size. In other words, the larger the group the dumber the group gets. We need to do away with both parties, take the mob mentality away and work in individual districts the way it was designed. Someone in congress should represent the district that elected them, not the party that funds their campaign. Unless you want something worse than Trump next time around, take this seriously- elect independents to house districts. It is the only way to topple the structure of the parties, we take away the majority from both and don’t let them have it back.

Dec 26

A new approach to the economy

So I was out the other day doing some shopping and something suddenly occurred to me that made me rush home and immediately start adding things up to check. We can very easily turn around the American economy (and the whole world economy) with what appears to be a too good to be true plan I’ve come up with. So I decided I have to share. I’ll write it here first and send it to people who might be able to do something with it, doubt it will ever get any attention but maybe internet archaeologists one day will discover some of the things I’ve posted here and say “wow, we could have done this then”.

So first, what problems does the new plan tackle. Well, that is simple. Poverty. Homelessness, poverty, hunger, all solved completely with this. Not one single homeless person, not one single destitute person.

I added up the total amount of money spent by the federal government on aid. Food and nutrition services, social security, medicaid and medicare, student financial aid, etc. When added together, I divided it by the US adult population and was amazed that in the year 2015 enough money went from the government to the poor to give every single adult in the country a check for almost $10k. But at the same time as someone who has been extremely poor and relied on government benefits for survival, I’ll be the first one to say I sure as shit never received $10k worth of ANYTHING from the government over a year. With a wife and two kids I’d be lucky to get $450 a month in food stamps and a yearly check up at the Dr.

So this got me thinking, it’s got to be the administration of these funds eating up so much of them. So maybe there is a legitimate reason conservatives don’t like these government programs. But at the same time, if we can’t provide for the poorest in our country then how the fuck can we call ourselves a great nation?! Then I got to thinking about minimum wage, wages based on the bare minimum necessary to survive. Conservatives don’t want it to go up, say it will hurt small businesses and offer less encouragement for people to get better job skills. I keep hearing the same concept from the right, market driven prices and pay and whatnot.

So I came up with a way to give both sides what they want. The right can have everything market driven, no minimum wage, no wasteful government programs. The left can have everyone’s needs met, people no longer having to worry about whether or not they can survive off their wages, no more homelessness or poverty at all. So how does this happen? Well, we’re currently giving the poor enough for every adult citizen to get $10k per year. So, do away with all of the government programs for the poor (healthcare, social security, food stamps, etc.) and just send $20k per year to every adult citizen in the country. Now yes, this doubles what we’re already spending on the poor, so how do we address this? A flat tax on non government income (any income over the $20k per year the government is sending) of somewhere around 30-35%. We’ll get rid of minimum wage, since the needs for survival are already met. Someone can easily survive off $20k per year, and it’s more than what disabled or retired people get from social security. It’s more than a person can get from unemployment and food stamps. It’s more than the current minimum wage to a 40 hour a week employee.

Everyone will have enough to survive, but people are going to want extras. They’ll want nice shoes or nice cars or electronics and whatnot. They’ll still have to work to get these things. The wages paid will be driven by market demand, and no one’s going to complain about not getting a living wage when they by default of citizenship have enough money yearly to live on. The economy will explode, every single citizen will suddenly have the money to spend on products and services. Every homeless person will suddenly be buying groceries, driving a car, paying to live in a home, paying for electricity, etc. So as people go out and spend their money on their extras and work to buy those extras there will be a more active economy than ever and that flat tax going to cover the costs is going to be bringing enough extra tax revenue to cover the cost, balance the budget and start paying down the national debt. Not one single person is going to bitch about paying 30% or 35% in taxes when they’re just by being citizens making enough to live on every year. So you work a part time job for $10k per year plus you’re $20k per year from the government you pay $3000-3500 in taxes and you’ve made $26500-27000 in one year with just a part time job. You’re disabled and can’t work, you’re still making more than you would off social security (including enough to pay for insurance) and since it’s not more than the $20k from the government you aren’t paying any tax.

This will also make it so when a person turns 18, they will automatically have enough money to travel, pursue their artistic or educational interests, pursue higher education, all without fear of being in debt or being destitute.

Plus, there is a growing fear among working class people in this country and that is automation. As technology advances it is becoming easier and easier to automate just about everything. Look at Amazon Go, a grocery store with no checkouts! Seriously there’s probably a person behind the shelves stocking items and maybe a couple people to keep things clean on the inside and everything else is done through a mobile app. With our system the way it is automation is terrifying and will destroy the middle class. With this new system automation is something to look forward to. Eventually we’re going to be at a place technologically where “work” is no longer necessary for any of the products we want, and with our current system that will mean that the owners of the corporations have all money and the rest have no money. With this new system, it’s something to look forward to. Not a big deal if you can’t find a job, you’re needs of survival are met. Not a big deal if you’re only getting a few hours a week.

This system is so simple I’m astonished we haven’t already started doing it. If you think it’s a good concept spread the word, if you don’t please let me know why in the comments. I’ve just recently come up with the idea, you aren’t going to hurt my feelings if there’s flaws I haven’t thought of. I think that if both sides forget about the bullshit and politics for just a little while and we all work to iron this thing out and put it into action, there’ll be no need for the bickering again.

Oct 18

Inter-dimensional sexual deviants


So trending on facebook I noticed a video of an “Indonesian Bigfoot” sighting. Although to me it doesn’t exactly look like the typical bigfoot description and quick search of the regions folklore and I think I have the answer, we’re dealing with dimension hopping sexual deviants.

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Oct 15

Trouble is Brewing and No One Cares

mushroom-cloudThere is some serious trouble brewing and if you think it’s only about Hillary and Trump then hold on to your fucking hats. I’m not sure who the winner will be, so I’m not sure which players will be called Hero, but I can already tell you who is going to lose. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 28

Republicans need to drop the PC thing

Republicans really are the LAST group that need to be rallying against political correctness and there’s a fundamental (to the republican party) reason why.

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Aug 17

Zombie Attacks, Seriously?

I found some interesting news today that reminded me of some news a few years back, and it’s looking pretty insane. Are there seriously zombies? I’m sure you’re sure the answer is no, but read this and then tell me if you feel the same.

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Aug 10

GMOs are a distraction

It occurs to me that GMOs are kind of a distraction when it comes to food quality concerns people have. Is it just me, or are GMOs the bad guys the media are allowed to cover to distract from the worse bad guys?

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Aug 07

Worship of the Military

There is a disturbing trend here in the United States that I don’t really know how to approach. The reverence and practical worship of anyone in the military. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect what they do and the position they fill in our society is a necessary one, but it’s to a point of virtual cult worship of our military.


Sure our nation and as far as I know all nations have a level or respect towards those who have served in the military. We honor them, have holidays in honor of their sacrifice and in memorial for those who have fallen in the line of duty. We’ve always honored our military and we always will. The problem comes when this reverence becomes ingrained with our society to such a degree that service men and women get treated as if they’re infallible saints.

American Ideals2Roughly 10% of the adult population in the United States has served in the US Armed Forces. This means that pretty much everyone has had someone in their family or someone they’re close to in the military and that a lot of people have had someone they love in the military who didn’t make it. So outright disrespect of the military is being outright disrespectful to just about anyone in the country’s family. This doesn’t make soldiers somehow saints, they should be hero worshipped the way they are, and our society needs to stop making America out to be synonymous with Military, Guns and God.

I get that they’re risking their lives by being in the military, but there are other public servants who don’t get nearly the respect. Where’s the reverence for the trash collector, or the guy who scrapes up road kill, or the volunteer life guards etc.? A veteran is simply a person just like you or me. They are not by default better than anyone else, they are just regular people. Those who have made sacrifices should be honored for those sacrifices, but someone at some point serving in the military isn’t automatically better than a person who hasn’t. Our country isn’t about the fighters, it isn’t about the soldiers who “protect our freedom” (although in my adult life what they’ve been used for is far from protecting our freedom, more like protecting the foreign assets of the US elite), our country is about those freedoms. Seriously, you ask a random person what visual they get in their head when they think of being an American and I guarantee you that visual is going to include guns, soldiers or God (and frequently a blend of the three). What people should be thinking of when they think of America is freedom, equality, opportunity not hero worship.

If you’re a soldier/veteran (1 in 10 chance you are) or have a family member or friend who is (almost 100% chance) I don’t mean any disrespect for members of the military, but it is very disturbing and frankly makes me worried about the future. What does it say about a country when the enforcers become revered more than the values they’re meant to enforce? What’s it say about a country where if you even hint at a soldier not being groveled to everyone raises hell, but if those values that soldier supposedly fought to protect are disrespected it’s no big deal? The worst part, you can’t even address the issue without assuring a dozen times or more that you’re paying the proper respect or you’ll get verbally (or worse) attacked for it. Hell, I’ll probably still be cussed out at least a dozen times for writing this and if I said it in public I’d probably get lynched. Soldiers are just people, no different from cops or janitors or sanitation workers or secretaries. If their actions have made them worthy of praise by all means praise them, but don’t just automatically kiss their ass just because they have a uniform.

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