Ants are more evolved than us

I’ve always been extremely interested in ants. We have a love hate relationship, outdoors I think they’re awesome but indoors they’re enemies that must be eliminated. I believe ants are actually more evolved than we are, and I have a theory on ants that very well could blow your mind.

Ants are a more advanced life form than humans. Sure they’re just tiny little bugs, right? Well here’s my theory. I don’t think the individual ant is the life form, I think the entire ant colony is the individual and the ants are just pieces. The ants function as cells, just like cells in our bodies communicate with pheromones and chemical signals and each cell carries out a specific function so do individual ants. The Queen is the reproductive system and in a way functions as a part of the nervous system, instead of a central nervous system it is a decentralized nervous system, and the queens function is not just reproduction (which would really only be happening when another queen was born) but it is also replacing cells (individual ants) as needed. The colony acts as one, moves as one, and there are ants specifically adapted to specific tasks. Inside their colonies they grow their own food even, they nurse their babies (or mature their cells until ready for use depending on how you look at it), their fighters act as an immune system against invading ants or anything else trying to enter the colony.

Take a look at this video, where they excavate a colony of leafcutter ants. They call ants the second most advanced civilization (second to us) but I think they’re actually individual entities that are farther evolved than humans. It’d be like if all of our cells were able to separate off and function independently. See we evolved to be individual people, with our bodies intact and each consciousness to it’s own body. What I think is that the reason insects that have formed into colonies or hives have done so because of their exoskeletons.

Insects have exoskeletons, which they breathe through with tiny little holes in their exterior. Because of their exoskeletons, they can only get so big. Too large and they wouldn’t be able to get enough air through their system since they don’t have lungs. Instead of evolving lungs, they evolved a de-centralized nervous system where each ant is an individual but part of the whole. It’s like they sidestepped evolving lungs to grow bigger and instead developed the ability to have autonomous functioning cells. I think that if we were able to compare the chemical signals between all of the ants in a colony it would be very similar to the way a neurons in your brain communicate with each other. This means the entire “body” (all ants from a particular colony) acts as a small part of the nervous system. They could be just as intelligent as a whole as humans and we’d have no way to measure it purely because our measurements are designed for centralized nervous systems!