American Genocide

A quote from Winston Churchill-“History is written by the victor”.

Hitler and the holocaust was responsible for the death of two thirds of the Jewish population of Europe. A genocidal maniac, one of the most evil men in history.

The United States Government is responsible for the deaths of 98% of the population of Native Americans. By every definition of genocide America is guilty. Our children are taught how great leaders of the past are, those same leaders like Andrew Jackson who was responsible for the death of 25% of the people he forced off of their lands during the Trail of Tears. Leaders who paid a bounty on the scalps of native people, offering silver for the scalps of murdered men, women, and even children. When American Leaders wanted native land, they would invade villages and kill everyone in it. One general is quoted as saying Nits make Lice, meaning the kids would grow up to be natives so need to be killed also.

Native children were forced into reeducation centers, boarding schools, where they were beaten if they spoke their own languages, taught how evil they were for simply being alive and not white, and a large number of the kids sent to these schools died. Now they live in our version of concentration camps called Reservations. Americans are taught now by the media that Native Americans are making tons and tons of money from casinos. They use it as an excuse to cut government subsidies for Native Americans even though only maybe 4% of the Native Americans get anything significant from casinos. We pay more for the healthcare of criminals in federal prisons than we do for health care of natives. Ronald Reagan once said that Natives insisted on keeping their ways, thats why they live the way they do. The truth is natives wanted to keep their lands and their cultural history. For that we forced them off their lands and killed as many as possible.

You look near poor black neighborhoods, and business owners are prejudiced against hiring the poor black people. You go near native reservations and the business owners are even more prejudiced against hiring natives. When no one will hire you, when you live in what is basically a government funded trailer park, when just being born means that you get to be treated like less than a person, you get depressed. When you’re depressed, you turn to drugs, alcohol, or even suicide. Americans all know the native stereotype, the lazy drunk indians. It’s easy to call people lazy when no one allows them to work. It’s easy to call desperate people looking for an escape from their shitty existence drunks.

I was thinking about it the other day, if you look at Mexico the people are brown, like Native Americans are. Europeans haven’t been on this continent long enough for them to evolve and adapt different skin colors, so this means that much of the Mexican population must be mixed with Native Mexicans. I guess they weren’t as good at genocide as us Americans or even Canadians. Is it a wonder why they are as commonly degraded openly as natives are? Is the United States Government ever going to stop their subjugation and oppression of the natives of the land they claim as their own?

Look at the unemployment rates of the reservations, some have unemployment rates higher than 80%. Native Children are 10 times more likely to commit suicide. Americans always bitch on facebook and on tv about atrocities committed in other countries. About other governments being unfair to groups within their country. We support the “freedom fighters” going against their governments in the middle east and the new governments that take their place. How much TV coverage is there for the same things happening here for more than a hundred years?

I feel so much guilt for the part of me that is white. I feel so much pain for the small part of me that is native. I feel so much anger that even in this day and age there aren’t people rallying behind the Native Americans and fighting for them to get their lands, funding, and proper treatment.

A few years back I went to a small Pow Wow in Old Fort, near where I live. They came to the area and rented a small amount of what was once their land and had a celebration, with people from a bunch of different tribes. It was small, but it was a lot of fun. I was talking to a handful of the people there and found out that in the small town of Old Fort that only really has a couple non-fast food restaurants that they were refused service, not allowed in some of the shops, and the locals were being pretty shitty to them. THIS IS NOT ISOLATED!


Below are a few native american charities which could use some help.

Native American Heritage Association
Running Strong for American Indian Youth
The Center Pole

There are many many more. Do what you can, spread this post as much as you can, share it on facebook, email it to your contacts, try to help make a difference for these people. Even if you don’t have a lick of native blood in your veins, no people deserve this kind of treatment. No freedom until everyone is equal. Freedom and equality are for everyone, not just everyone you can relate to. I for one can’t sit by and try not to think about it, thinking there’s nothing I can do.

I love America too much to let it continue to be guilty of the genocide and mistreatment of an entire people. Lets fix it and make America something to be proud of.