About Me

My screen name is pandagravy but my name is Eric Wilson. I’m 32 (as of writing this), have 2 awesome kids, and live in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

A little about me. I’m not actually crazy, I just happen to be at that perfect spot where genius just about turns into madness but not quite (although give it time, I’m sure it will happen). When I was very young my skull was fractured and as a result I was diagnosed with a brain chemical imbalance, among other things, and spent a lot of time in my youth being talked down to by people who called themselves professionals. My pediatrician (Dr. Stegman in Cabarrus County NC, a real dick) wanted to get a name for himself in treating ADD, the big new thing at the time, and I was constantly on different medications and when I was 4 he even convinced my dad to put me in a children’s mental hospital (Amos cottage in Winston Salem, don’t send kids to that hell). Afterwards I was on one experimental medication to the next, and I strongly believe it is because of this medication that I barely remember my childhood and what I do remember wasn’t great. Since I went from one shrink to another over my entire youth, I eventually started having fun with it.

See, another unfortunate diagnosis I had at an early age was a genius IQ which is part of the reason some may perceive me as crazy. When you see the world for what it truly is it can be maddening and infuriating. When one loses his temper he begins catching labels of this or that. So, since I was around shrinks all the time I decided to learn what I could about psychology. I’d learn different disorders, their symptoms, the signs of having them and I’d fuck with whatever shrink I had at the time. For a month I’d fake the signs of type 2 schizophrenia, then I’d switch to being bi-polar (manic depressive at the time), then randomly switch to being slightly OCD. The very last shrink I saw caught on and he said “Ok Mr. Wilson, you’re not crazy. You’re just an asshole” and I never had to see a shrink again.

So, lets sum it up by saying I have a unique perspective to things that some agree with and others get horribly offended by. One good thing about the constant therapy was I got really good at controlling my emotions. I always hold logic and reason above everything. Perhaps it could even be the reason for my intellect, damage to my frontal lobe causing me to seem to observe my emotions more than I actually feel them…. Not sociopathic of course, I do still have emotions, but there have been documented occasions of damage to the frontal lobe causing dramatic increases in intelligence so maybe that’s something to do with it. Or it could be the devices my grandfather hooked me up to as a child, some un-patented inventions he had been working on that were supposed to unlock hidden brain potential (Do a google search for Dr, David L Wilson PHD and maybe cross reference EMDRIA and I’m sure you’ll find tons of juicy info on him). To think of the amount of money he made off of rewiring some knightrider novelty lights…..

Anyway I think that’s enough personal information to just throw out to the world on an about-me page, I hope you enjoy the site and I’d love to hear other opinions on anything I post so I greatly encourage discussion.