Abortions- Just say no!

Abortions Are Not Necessary, Are Nothing Less Than Murder, and are NOT A CONTRACEPTIVE!

So I’m guessing you know what this post is about. It’s my first post here so I thought I’d make it a juicy one. Now, I am not saying all abortions, if the abortion is for a baby that’s going to be born extremely deformed or die right after, or if it’s a young girl who probably wouldn’t fare well with the toll birth takes on the human body, or if the pregnancy going to term will kill the mother, those are understandable and totally the choice of the parents. Aside from that, there really isn’t a reason to kill an otherwise healthy baby merely because it presents an inconvenience. 

  1. Birth Control- Condoms, spermacide, pills, IUDs, diaphrams, even anal and oral alternatives. If you aren’t in a position to have a baby, there are PLENTY of ways to prevent it. I propose a bigol “Wrap it before you tap it” campaign. Preventing babies is NOT hard to do. 
  2. RU486- Ok, so the protection has failed, or you were too wasted to think straight, or for whatever reason some tiny soldiers have invaded your fort. You can take this medicine and BAM- its gone. Up to 7 weeks it’s effective, so you have PLENTY OF TIME to take it before that little glob of baby juices becomes a precious gift of life.
  3. Ok, so lets say somehow 1 and 2 didn’t work. Both have failed and you are pregnant. If that’s the case, don’t you think that maybe it means that baby really really WANTS to be born? Or, lets say you’re 3 months pregnant and some d-bag boyfriend hauls ass leaving you alone and broke. You can barely take care of yourself, much less a baby. Is that a good reason to kill it? NO! In NC we have what is called Safe Surrender. You can leave a baby with ANYONE and never have to deal with it again or be in any way responsible for it. Take it in a basket to the hospital, social services, a church, although it would be inconvenient for the clerks you can probably get away with leaving it at the customer service counter of a local grocery store. NO ONE is forcing you to keep a baby you don’t want or can’t care for. All you have to do is resist the urge to murder it before it’s done baking.

Rampant Misinformation and Propaganda in a Worldwide campaign to Kill unborn babies.

Ok, firstly, somehow years and years and years ago, it was made a concept that abortion is a “Women’s Rights” issue. First of all, you hear about people dying from back alley abortions out of desperation. Well, lets also keep in mind that things were different back then, there are so many forms of birth control and then the RU486, that desperation no longer needs to exist. Anyway, as far as current modern society- ABORTION IS NOT ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS! It is about human rights, the basest human right everyone has is the right to live. An unborn child should not be punished for mistakes of it’s parents. The thought of it being a women’s rights issue is kinda ridiculous if you really think about it. I’ve heard “Women shouldn’t be forced to have babies they don’t want or can’t care for”. Well, unless you were raped, no one was forcing you to have sex. No one forced you not to use protection. No one forced you not to take the pill. If you have a baby in there, then it is solely by your own doing and can’t be undone without committing murder. Plain and simple, it is murder. Saying it’s a women’s right and a women’s choice is like saying “They’re my kids, and if they become inconvenient I should be allowed to kill them”. Using that argument is a means to an end, it is a means to make people think- Either you are pro-abortion or you are anti-women’s rights. Kind of like how in commercials they say “Take this pill or your penis will fall off or stop working” to men. Women don’t want their rights oppressed any more than a man wants his penis gone, so will generally jump on that prochoice bandwagon they think they’re supposed to be on. I’ve heard women tell other women that their choice to be pro life or housewives or even to just be married that they are somehow setting women back. Isn’t the mob mentality a little bit oppressing? Isn’t it taking away a women’s rights to convince her that if she doesn’t forsake family, babies and men she’s somehow an enemy of women? We’ll get more into that in a different post, starting to kind of wander off topic there. But no, abortion isn’t a women’s rights issue. I heard during an interview once of a survivor of an abortion (I can’t remember her name or I’d add in a link) say “Where was the radical feminist shouting about my rights when they tried to abort me?” (That’s probably not exact but somewhere along those lines)

The term abortion itself is another means to an end. If on voting ballots it was written as “Unborn Baby Murder” instead of abortion, would people be as willing to blindly vote for it? Have you ever seen someone walk into an abortion clinic with a smile on their face and then come out later with one as well? If you have then that’s a cold bitch. The reason people that get abortions feel shame, guilt, regret, have second thoughts, etc is because deep down they know it’s wrong. It isn’t society telling them to feel guilty, it is society telling them that they shouldn’t feel guilty and they should kill a baby because it is a burden. That guilt and shame is a natural reaction that a person with a conscience has to committing murder of an innocent defenseless baby.

I can’t emphasize enough the concept of abortion being completely unnecessary. The only thing you have to do is hold it for 9 months. Thats all of the burden that will be put on you should you do the right thing and choose life. Can you really convince yourself that a few months of inconvenience for you is worth more than the life of a child? Should a baby die because you changed your mind or didn’t think straight and use protection? You can’t just use the same ol “My body my choice” argument because if it was your body they wouldn’t need to KILL IT FIRST, AND THEN REMOVE IT! In your body yes, but not YOUR body.

I’ll probably make more posts about the evils of abortion later, but for now I’ll call it a night. If you agree or know someone thinking about killing their unborn child, please like and share this post. Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome but I’m not going to bother responding to people who want to randomly call names, be rude and insulting, etc. If you have a point to make against what I’m saying by all means make it, but random insults and “Nu uh” comments are a waste of everybodys time.