A real revolution

Ok, so the Million Mask March didn’t go to well, basically it was a waste of time for everyone involved. There are several reasons why and I’m fucking tired of waiting for a real change to happen. I don’t know if anyone’s actually reading this, maybe eventually I’ll get some traffic but for now I’ll pretend I’m not talking to myself.

We need change, we need to end the way things are and the way everyone assumes things always will be. We need a revolution. It ins’t left vs right, it is people vs. Corporate run government. There is no distinction anymore between a politician and a company executive anymore. There are the people and there are the enemy, the greedy cowards that behind their office desks while getting people to do their dirty work for them. The people that pay as little as they possibly can in order to keep people in a position where if they don’t work for them they starve.

I’m not going to sit here and say that I know what the perfect form of government is, or what the perfect way to run our economy is, but I know that what is currently there is not working and needs to be removed AT ALL COST! The longer the current power remains where it is, the more power it will gain. The less rights we have, the less privacy and protection from our own government we have, the less of a chance we have to fight it. WE CANNOT WAIT!

So, start RIGHT NOW! If your sick of the way things are, if you’re sick of not having the same rights, privileges and opportunities as the ones who WORK FOR US then just don’t do it anymore. They cannot put all of the people in prison for just taking the food our families need. They cannot put all of the people in prison for just taking the medicines and healthcare supplies our families need. Walk into hotels and walk right behind the counters, take the keys for the rooms, and give them to homeless people who didn’t get to the shelter early enough. Walk into pharmacies, go behind the counter, and get antibiotics to give to the woman with three kids who didn’t make it to the health department early enough to get care for her sick children. Don’t feed your kids ramen noodles for dinner for the third time this week, walk into walmart and take some steaks, some vegetables for a salad, a nice baguette. Don’t let your fellow civil disobedient citizen go to jail too easily, take a stroll by the nearest police department and let the air out of all of the tires. You’re creating civil unrest and happen upon a camera crew, or just someone recording, take a moment to explain what you’re doing and why. The more people do it the more people will like the idea and also do it. Those in charge will be forced to either spend all the government funds on new prisons to hold all of us or they will be forced to actually recognize the issues leading to this being a necessity.

Things not to do- Don’t be violent, don’t bring weapons, and don’t take your anger out on fellow citizens. They cannot shoot you if you don’t have a gun. They can arrest you, but eventually they’ll run out of room. Cops are victims too. Cops are there for a paycheck so they can feed their families. Security guards at some of the places you might visit are there for the same. The people you see working at a bank you might liberate some money from, or at a pharmacy you might borrow some medicine from, or a store you pick up some food from, they are all victims of this system as well. So explain, you aren’t going to hurt anyone, don’t ruin their days by scaring them. Just calmly explain you are taking from the corporate executives that own the place, not from them. Be polite, courteous, smile. If you get arrested, explain to the cop that you appreciate him/her doing a good job and you don’t hold who they work for against them personally. Even offer them the chance to join their fellow citizens in the mass disobedience. They most likely wont take it, but they had the chance. Also not to do- don’t go after small businesses, don’t rob individuals, go after the companies and chains that have insurance that covers their losses. Go after the big businesses that pay their employees minimum wage while their board of executives see record profits.

When there are enough of us, we will march, walk into government buildings, and politely inform them that they are all fired. Politicians seem to forget who the fuck they work for, and eventually our numbers will be great enough we can remind them of that. Until then, create as much civil unrest as possible, hurt the wallets of the corporations you are taking from.

Now, if I happen to get arrested or shut down for making this particular post, it would be very handy if you were to copy it and post it on your site(s) also. That way no one is sure just exactly who posted it first and it might help my case a little bit before I get buried under the jail. Maybe donate some money for my bail, that would come in handy also.

Share this, spread this, do this, and lets fuck some shit up until those in power get the point. They aren’t going to pay attention to anything except for something that hurts their money flow, so lets hurt their money flow!