A different kind of Pro Life Group

I propose a different kind of pro life organization. I will call it (for now, in case I come up with a better name) JPL- Just Pro Life

Note- I’ve got too many other goals I’m working on at the moment to actually try and start this group myself. If anyone would like to take it from here that’d be awesome and I’d support it but I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I did after all write this several years ago.

Ok, so you’re pro life. What do you want to accomplish? Saving the lives of unborn children. So what do you have to do? Drop ridiculous pretenses, drop the “God says it’s wrong” argument, and instead of attaching pro life to a bunch of other similar but unnecessary issues sticking to one thing, pro life.

My proposed Pro Life Organization will fight for the rights of unborn children.

  1. We will not use Religious based arguments
  2. We will not be Lumping the Pro Life cause with other causes
  3. We will push for sexual education, availability of birth control and RU486 within the first 4-5 weeks
  4. We understand that in some cases an abortion is understandable and is the choice of the parents; for example if a girl is too young and can’t physically handle a pregnancy, the child will be severely deformed or disabled, or the birth of the child will result in the death or severe harm of the mother child or both.

By taking away the religious arguments, we take away the concept that all prolifers are evangelical wackos. Lets face it, in the media that’s how it comes off.

By not lumping the pro life cause with other causes we will not alienate other possible supporters. I wouldn’t vote for a pro life bill if it also meant, for example, that stem cell research would be stopped. Many people, myself included, can see the difference between the conception of a child and two cells put together in a laboratory and then taken apart again.

By pushing for things like sexual education and availability of birth control and the use of RU486 within the first 4-5 weeks we are making it so that abortions then become completely unnecessary in most cases. If a woman doesn’t have an unwanted pregnancy to begin with she won’t be tempted to get an abortion. With these things more available, there would be no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy.

By understanding that the world is not black and white, that there are some cases where an abortion should be allowed if that’s what the parent wants, we can better serve the greater good. Of course someone is going to consider an abortion if there is a chance the pregnancy would kill the mother. Of course an abortion should be an option for a 12 year old girl who whose education, social development, and body would be stunted by a pregnancy. Of  course an abortion would be considered for a child to be born with sever birth defects or only days to live. If we were to attempt to deny these we give a foothold to arguments against the JPL movement.

Life is precious and irreplaceable. A humans number one most basic right is the right to live. There is no argument against that fact.

I want input from others, whether they disagree or not, because I want this organization to be actually effective and make a difference instead of just getting attention and screen time. If you have anything to say about any of this, please comment below. Please help me in spreading this message to as many places as possible.