Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 13

All about me

I know a lot of people who read this don’t really know much about me personally. Friends on line, friends in person, there are very few who actually know much about me and my personal history. Sure they know me, what I like and dislike, know my personality, but the number of people who truly …

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Dec 10

War on Religion

There seems to be more and more growing movements of atheists who seem to be taking it on themselves to declare an all out war on religion and spirituality. They get the best of both worlds, they can proclaim they aren’t a religion while at the same time doing their best to do exactly what …

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Dec 08

To achieve a goal

I have made zero attempt to hide it, I am pro life. I am 100% against abortion. One of my earlier posts here was an argument against pro choice arguments, you can read it here. The reason I’m mentioning this post in particular is because if you go HERE you will see that the writer …

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Dec 02

Misleading by Agreeing

Left or Right, what's in the middle is beautiful

Today’s post is about a problem we as a country face other than our government. Yes, we know the government is corrupt, and we know that whichever side we vote for they are all being controlled by the same people. (If you don’t know that, then you must not have read previous posts). There is …

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