Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 17

I called them Charlies

Shadow People – Hat Men – I called them Charlies Only recently I found out that something I’ve been seeing since I was a child was something that was a wide known phenomenon most commonly referred to as Shadow People. When I first saw them I was very young, but then it was just glimpses, …

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Oct 12

Million Mask March

Anonymous plans Million Mask March For those who may not know about it, on November 5th, 2013 there is supposed to be an uprising against the current corrupt government to remove that corruption and start fresh. This has been planned by the group Anonymous, the date inspired by the film V for Vendetta (the same …

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Oct 10

Gay Rights in 4 simple questions

Ok, lets say you get a chance to speak to an anti gay politician or activist. Here is a line of yes or no questions that unless they outright lie will concede that gay people should be able to get married just like anyone else. It’s pretty fun because about halfway through they see the …

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