Monthly Archive: August 2013

Aug 18

Free water for people in the mountains

A lot of people know about these, but there are some who don’t who could really benefit. Lets say you live in the mountains, and on your land is a steep incline. You can actually drill a hole sideways at an upward angle, and create a well that basically pours fresh clean water. There’s one …

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Aug 13

I need to prove it!

Free Energy From Water! I need your help! I need to prove once and for all that this is not only real, it is the way to a beautiful oil-free future. What I need to do it put together an HHO generator, run a car on water, and show videos, step by step instructions, a …

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Aug 12

Guess what they found in the water

The Pacu The Pacu is a vegetarian cousin of the Piranha, it’s teeth aren’t as sharp but it does look menacing doesn’t it? This fish is a South American Native, but was discovered by a fisherman in Scandinavia. (Clicking the image will take you the article on CNN where I found this gem). Now, I …

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Aug 10

Free Energy for the World

Ok, this is basically a continuation of my last post. There exists the technology to completely bypass any need for oil or destructive forms of energy production. The bi-product is water, it is a clean renewable energy and it is insane that the entire world isn’t already powered by it. This little picture is a …

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Aug 08

Energy from water

Before anything else, I just want you to think about something. How different would the world be if all of a sudden all of our energy needs could be met without having to use oil, natural gas, coal, and we could produce our own electricity and power our own cars with an endless supply. Some …

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