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Welcome to my own personal insanity.

PandaGravy is my screen name for the past 13 years or so, since I was 18, and this site is basically a place for me to share whatever happens to be on my mind. I hope you enjoy the ride.

I was actually pretty active on this site for a year and a half that is now gone, quite sad really because I put a lot of work into some of the articles I had up but I got lazy and didn’t make backups so when I got screwed by my hosting I lost everything from after I had switched to that host. Needless to say I do regular backups now.

Please feel free to comment and share, I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions on things I write about and sharing goes a long way to get more traffic to the site. Thanks for reading, see you around.


Inflation for the poor

I’m writing this to point out something that is quite disturbing now that I’ve given it significant thought. Its something insidious, sinister and totally unnoticed by most of society. For years, you’ve been hearing how the economy is getting worse, people more and more are unable to afford to survive yet this is all during …

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The polarization effect

Recently I’ve seen a lot of complaints about various social media and websites becoming to polarized. People who are more conservative claiming facebook is to far left, people who are more liberal claiming sites like reddit are becoming too far right. Youtube and it’s current shenanigans of keeping advertising funding from youtubers who are atheist, …

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The Inevitability of Trump

So for those who know me and know ow strongly and actively I worked to try and prevent Trump from getting into office there is probably one question they might share. Where did I go? I pretty much quit going to facebook, I’ll check in every day or two for a few minutes before I …

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A new approach to the economy

So I was out the other day doing some shopping and something suddenly occurred to me that made me rush home and immediately start adding things up to check. We can very easily turn around the American economy (and the whole world economy) with what appears to be a too good to be true plan …

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Inter-dimensional sexual deviants

So trending on facebook I noticed a video of an “Indonesian Bigfoot” sighting. Although to me it doesn’t exactly look like the typical bigfoot description and quick search of the regions folklore and I think I have the answer, we’re dealing with dimension hopping sexual deviants. Comments comments

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Trouble is Brewing and No One Cares

There is some serious trouble brewing and if you think it’s only about Hillary and Trump then hold on to your fucking hats. I’m not sure who the winner will be, so I’m not sure which players will be called Hero, but I can already tell you who is going to lose. Comments comments

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