Welcome to PandaGravy.com

Welcome to Pandagravy.com!

I own a lot of websites, most are business related, kinda spammy, and full of stuff I really don’t care about. This one is different, I decided it was about time to make a site where I can just share my mind with whoever cares enough to read it. If that’s you, then thanks 😀

What the hell is PandaGravy?

When I first met my wife, my nickname was GravyBear and I called her my Panda. She’s still my panda 10 years later and will continue to be my panda until we both die of zombie mutilation when we’re too old to get away. We shared an email account a long time ago pandagravy@aol (I only use it for chat now, on the very rare occasion I chat with anyone on AOL) and the name stuck, I liked it, and I’ve been pandagravy online ever since. We now have two beautiful goblin creatures that she was infected with (You know how it goes, kinda like the cabbage patch, except they were parasitic larvae that entered through her feet while walking barefoot through the woods and grew in her belly until they were too big and had to be cut out). We’re attempting to raise them like people, so far we’ve all survived the experience.

About Me

Well, more about me, the above was also about me but I guess this is the official “About me” so pay attention (or don’t). I work online so have a lot of spare time, I and my wife both enjoy motorcycles, food, games and scifi. I own Hausofwaft.com that I started for Aer because we really enjoy aromatics, we both dabble in perfumery and incense making and will eventually get around to making enough that we can do more than burn it ourselves and sell some. So far all we’ve done is use it ourselves or give it away to friends and family.

I love everything star trek (not including the anything but trek-like JJ Abrams movies) and love most scifi in general. Lets see, politically I’ve never found a party or group I fit with so I’ll probably just make one up. I’m not a Christian and really kind of undefined, I guess maybe some weird Asatru/Christopagan/Alchemy combo. Science just hasn’t caught up to spirituality yet (Probably be posting randomly about that here eventually).  I can go on forever about myself, who couldn’t go on forever about themselves right? So I’ll just wrap it up, and let my posts tell more about me as they come out. I’ve lived one hell of a rolercoaster so this blog should prove to be pretty entertaining at least if not life changing and inspiring, lol.

Have fun exploring the depths of my convoluted mind and be sure to share/like/etc if you like it. If not don’t feel bad, I’ve met plenty of people who don’t like me so you aren’t alone.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Love ya grandson and look forward to keeping up with this blog try to let me know when you post more too it cause my old brain is getting more forgetful as the years roll on. Dr prescribed med that have fought off this dreadful out come for many years and I keep fighting the inevitable till the bitter end. Squeeze the rest of the brood for me and tell them all I love them